The "waterfall" is the method I use to bring students into imaginary field trips to help them relax deeply to get to an alpha state of awareness, calmness, and receptivity. It is the transporter device and so much more. It is a multisensory representation of the chi, universal energy. Anyone, anytime can use the waterfall energy to help calm and center oneself in times of stress, to help heal themselves, or to help heal others in any/all ways. What follows is a script I have created and have used often with great success. It usually follows a fairly lengthy relaxation including deep breathing and progressive relaxation (tightening and releasing different muscle groups from the feet up to the head).

See yourself inside a waterfall of white light. Imagine this waterfall flowing down over the top of your head and down over your body, taking out any stress you may be holding. See the beautiful crystal white light filling you and flowing into you, bringing you peace and relaxation. This waterfall is the waterfall of universal energy. Feel it pouring in through the top of your head and filling you with universal love and joy.

Imagine this white light energy now going directly to any parts of your body that need healing. Feel it fixing your body, aligning all the cells so they work perfectly. If you have allergies or cold symptoms, send the energy to your head and your lungs and feel it healing you. Send the energy to any part of you that needs adjusting and healing and feel it healing your physical body. You can imagine this like a computer virus check program if you want to, finding and repairing any damaged parts of you.

Next, bring in the waterfall energy to strengthen your mind. Feel it giving you the power of better understanding and stronger memory. You can imagine this as a computer memory upgrade. See the light filling your mind and lighting it up brightly.

Now feel the white light pouring in you and filling you with peace. It brings you calmness and relaxation. Feel this healing your emotions. The white light pours gently into you, filling you with universal love and joy. If you wish, you may also feel this energy strengthen and heal your spirit (or spiritual body). :::pause:::

Anytime you need to use this universal energy, you simply think "Waterfall" and shut your eyes and it will be there for you. To use this energy to help others, you can simply send it out of yourself from your heart like a laser beam to whoever you want it to help. Think of someone you know who is sick or injured, or if you can't think of anyone, be grateful for this and instead choose your mom or dad, a grandparent, brother, sister, or a friend. Imagine sending this energy out from your heart directly to them, connecting your beam of energy to their heart. Know that the energy will go to wherever it is most needed for this person, whether it is to a part of their physical body or to their emotions, their mind, or their spirit. Stay connected to this person for a moment while the universal love you are sending them fills them and works to heal them. :::pause:::

Now bring the energy back to yourself and see it flowing directly through you and down into the ground, refreshing your body and your mind. Now let us unite our energies as a class. Send your energy out from your heart center to a great ball or sphere above the center of the room. See the ball getting brighter and bigger. As it grows, see it rising up higher and higher. Fill it more and more and see it getting bigger and bigger. It rises til it is way up above the Earth now and very very bright. (You can select a specific location or persons to send this to or just disperse it over the entire Earth as described here.) Feel the sphere getting bigger and brighter and fuller until it seems about to explode. Yes, it's even bigger now and it does! It bursts like fireworks now, dispersing over the entire Earth, bringing our combined light and universal love to the whole planet and its peoples to help enlighten the whole world and raise the planet's vibration.

Finally, bring the energy back to yourself and feel it filling you again with universal love and peace. Fill up a reserve of this energy in your head or your heart to use whenever you need it. Feel it flowing directly through you and down into the Earth, bringing healing now to Mother Earth as well. See this beautiful white light waterfall of energy all around you. Enjoy this waterfall for another moment.. ::pause::

Now the waterfall begins to thin and to fade and you can start to see out around the edges. You step out of the waterfall now and find yourself...

(back in the classroom or start Imaginary Field Trip here).

The Waterfall does not need to be as involved as this to be effective for guided imageries. For instance, the parts of healing others and healing the planet MAY be skipped, but just think how wonderful it would be (is) if these are truly effective. What a tool the children are learning from this! This is the principle on which Reiki, Tai Chi, and Karate are based, among others. This energy is well known and taught in the East, but hardly known at all in the West. I have found it to be very effective with all students regardless of age. They are amazed at the experience and commonly report the waterfall as their favorite part of the whole Imaginary Field Trip. I have used a form of this with students as young as first graders. It helps to bring them very deep into imagination and also relaxation.

I believe I first got the waterfall idea from a book on guided imageries for children called "Spinning Inward: Using Guided Imagery with Children for Learning, Creativity, and Relaxation" by Maureen Murdock, 1987. In any case, I have expanded the concept immensely from my initial reading of this several years ago. I hope you enjoy using this yourself and with your children.

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