Inner Advancement
What is Inner Advancement? The concept is about metaphysical growth and development. It is about advancing as a spiritually, emotionally, and mentally healthy individual. It is about opening the doors to your own intuition and inner guidance system. It is the concept of using various metaphysical and spiritual activities to increase learning and help children and adults become healthier, happier and more whole by way of developing other gifts and talents and acknowledging the existence of this aspect of ourselves.

I believe everyone has a sixth sense, but it is often undeveloped, stagnant, and repressed due to the culture we are living in. Children often have glimpses of this ability, but when they attempt to share the information with adults, it is passed off as fantasy and imagination. They are told to get real and grow up. Does growing up mean shutting off this sense? Too often it does.

I propose that we help encourage this ability in our children and in ourselves. Parents have an excellent opportunity to help their children develop strong sixth sense, intuition, and spiritual selves. Some methods of doing this are via meditation which can be done as a family or individually , keeping and sharing dream journals, and doing guided imageries. It can be fun to create and direct guided imageries for each other. As you learn about various metaphysical things you can share this information with your children, who will probably be less harsh critics and more open-minded than the average adult. For instance, many kids like cards and will enjoy looking at tarot cards with you. They might even want to make their own personal deck that will be even more meaningful to them. Many kids like rocks and minerals and would enjoy exploring crystals with you. They might even have a lot to tell you about the chemical formations and crystalline structure of them - and if they don't, you can take this opportunity to explore and study that together, too!

When I refer to spirituality I am not referring to any specific religion, and religion is not particularly what I mean by Inner Advancement. Nevertheless, a family's religious education and beliefs is clearly one method for developing personal and familial spirituality, ethics, and morals.

Educators can help by encouraging children to use their imaginations daily and encouraging positive thinking. You can take your students on Imaginary Field Trips, which just means group guided imageries. I think it might also be called Directed Daydreaming. To do this, just have the students sit quietly or lie down on the floor if there is room, play some soft music and dim or shut off the lights, and tell them a story--
Ie. "Imagine you are walking down a path along a river. You see an animal cross your path. You make a mental note of what kind of animal it is and take a mental photograph. You continue down the path.."
When the story is over, you can have them write about their trip or draw their mental photographs. Then ask them to share their impressions and memories with the group if they feel comfortable. With practice, their imaginations will improve. You can have the students write their own Imaginary Field Trips and select your favorites to use with the class. Adding relaxation exercises to the beginning of this exercise is a skill they will be able to use to calm anger and frustration and center their focus to become better creative writers and thinkers.

Other activities might include meditation, direct intuition training, study of chakras, peaceful warrior concepts, direct ESP games and training, and keeping dream journals.

I recognize this is a somewhat controversial point-of-view. You don't have to agree with me. I don't mind. Everyone is welcome to their own opinions. I do hope that if you do disagree that you won't discount the rest of the information on this website. I have a MA in educational psychology specializing in education of the gifted and 13 years experience in gifted education.