Indigo Children - School Violence

Wake Up Call

Why would i want to prevent these kids from doing what they came here to do? 'indigos' are here to make the 'wake up call'...which, sad as it may be, includes the violence, the shootings, the stuff that makes us 'gasp' in horror... if it wasn't so extreme, so 'horrible', so unexpected, so 'intolerable', would we even take notice? as sad as it may be, it makes me smile to know people are paying attention.... good morning humanity... this is what you have taught your children... this is what it has come to... and this is only the beginning.... consider yourself warned.

...the true voice of 'who we are' whispers subtly in our ears, reminding us gently who we really are, urging us gently to follow it's sound, to lead it to where it 'should' be... when we ignore these messages, when we disregard conscience, the spark of divinity in us, it does not go away, rather it grows louder, brighter, more 'visible'... when we have ignored the whispers of discomfort from our children, they became angry shouts, when we challenged their anger, refused to understand its source, when we could not 'tolerate' it, they became violent screams of murder.... we did not listen to the grumblings, we have not heard the protests, we sat idly by as our children ran away from us, left our world for another, crying and screaming for home the whole way, now they shoot each other in school to get our attention.... will we hear them this time? or will we dismiss it again: "it's just hormones", "It's just a phase", "It's that devil's music they listen to", or "it's the drug-dealers, the teachers, the politicians, the media, etc. etc."... These are MY children, these are YOUR children, they are OUR children... it takes a village... it is NEVER somebody else's 'fault'... it is MINE. When your child is upset, will you lock them in their room, ... or will you seek to understand, to talk with them, to LISTEN, to LOVE???... When OUR children are upset so deeply they are willing to murder eachother just to get somebody's attention, will WE 'lock' them up, "increase security", pass another useless law againts guns, blame the 'Reds'!, ...or will WE take responsibility, LISTEN to them, LEARN from them, UNDERSTAND them, and in so doing, find how to LOVE them???

by Tony, age 24

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