Understanding Why School Violence is Happening

I would like to comment about this most recent incident of school violence in Santana High School and the other school violence that has been threatened in many schools so recently. The perpetrators of these acts are Indigo Children as are many other children in our schools today, and these acts can be prevented..

First of all, what's an Indigo Child? Indigos are often very intelligent and creative, but also nonconformist and have great distaste for 'systems' and any sort of authority. Many have symptoms of attention deficit disorder and may be coded as such, but most of them CAN focus on something they find interesting and of value. They are often very emotionally sensitive. Indigos are either very compassionate and caring or are just the opposite and rather callous and apathetic. I believe Indigos who are callous and the most likely ones to become violent are those who have put up so much emotional shielding because of emotional pain as a child, that they no longer care and do wish to cause harm to people in revenge for the pain in their lives. Indigos are usually very intuitive and have metaphysical gifts and talents as well. They need to be seen as equals no matter what their age.

If Indigos are supported and loved, they will soar and bring great wonders to the world. If they are not, tragic results such as suicides and school violence can occur. This information is SO important to bring to the world. Being Indigo is not a disorder and not all Indigos are bad. It's a Spiritual Evolution that manifests physically and appears to be a Cultural Revolution. This is the new Aquarian energy. It is time to change the way we raise and teach our children!

How can we prevent this? By understanding the Indigos.. by learning how to work with them effectively, we can prevent this sort of problem. Indigos need to be seen as equals with adults. They need to be given respect. They need to be given the FREEDOM to develop, balanced with SUPERVISION and SAFETY limits.

Indigos are going to change the world. They are going to overturn the systems we currently have, starting with the schools. Things are going to get much worse before they get better. Let's take the hint and start changing things so they work for today's kids!

I would really like to be able to help people understand about Indigos so this sort of tragedy can be avoided. I am willing to do interviews for the media in person, satellite, or on the phone. You can call me at home at (603) 357-1033.

~Wendy Chapman Director of Metagifted

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