Education: The Systematic Brainwashing and Robotization of Kids

Hi Wendy,

I liked your post on CNN very much about the real causes of school violence. Your insight into the sensitivity of the "indigo child" type to feelings of alienation and cultural estrangement as possible causes of violence are unique and in unison with mine. The prevailing prejudice for so long has been that individuals who eratically murder others for no apparent motive are emotionless monsters, but the opposite is often the truth -- they are perhaps the more sensitive types who cannot so easily submit and be processed by a system that calls the systematic brainwashing and robotization of kids "education", when in reality it is merely preparing them for a dull, unfulfilling, and stressful life in the 6-5 grind.

I was an "indigo child" and am now an "indigo adult". I was extremely angry in my adolescent years, although I didn't know exactly why. Now I'm a self-taught musician, poet, and writer and I've been discovering through art the reasons why I was so angry. I have an important message for the new generation "indigo kids", but it's not something that government, media , or most Christians would want their kids to hear. School was like a prison to me, and it diminished much of my creativity and spark for life. There are few, if any, programs in large schools that are designed to discover special abilities or talents in students and provide support for them to grow in these directions. Quite to the contrary, I felt that the basic function of the school was to KILL my uniqueness and creativity and process me into happily smiling numb robot who shows up for his boring job 5 minutes early every morning for 360 days a year-- until I die of lung cancer and the hospital gets all of my hard life's earnings!! This is actually not very far from the truth if one just blindly follows the "prescribed institutional path" recommended in school.

Only when I broke away from the institutions and started truly exploring my spirit and unconscious mind did I discover my true potential, which has turned out to be quite wonderful. But life has still been hard because we live in a society where there is very little support (financially and socially) for creative persons exploring their minds. Actually, these types of people are the only real hope for humanity's evolution and for the birth of new philosophies that will propel mankind's future. Yet, they are often discouraged and overlooked. In my opinion, until the American culture becomes less engrossed in greed and domination of resources through militaristic exploitation, there will continue to be an ever increasing barage of violence in the schools and workplace.

Timothy McVeigh, a gulf war veteran and America's most notorious terrorist ever, made a statement that "the citizens of a nation will always act in accordance with the example of its government". If this holds true then the violence will most certainly escalate, because the U.S. is the most violent and militaristic nation in the world-- both on foreign lands and within its own borders as evidenced by the growing "police state" mentality!

I also have a full length concept CD about a "super sensitive" indigo adolescent type who becomes a murderous psychopath after reflecting on the barbaric coldness and injustice of the institutionalized world he is being conditioned to accept. It is written from his perspective and shows the truly human and sensitive side of this type of modern day criminal in the eyes of society. To say the least, it has disturbed many people and has been banned in many stores. It's called: SAGE-- Schizophrenic Confessions from a Murderous-Junkie-Prophet. I have been accused of being a proponent of senseless violence by creating such a thing, yet I feel the opposite is true. This CD probes the subterranean, the underlying thoughts and feelings that lead somone to kill as a result of feeling utter hopelessness for the future. It shows and radically exposes how most of the things we are "supposed to accept and be happy with" are in reality the very manacles and chains that shackle and suffocate the spirit of creativity which could bring true fullfillment and happiness, along with REAL ACTIVE LOVE of other humans and animals.

These are indeed scary times!!!!!!!!!

by SAGE, age 31

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