Indigo Rage: Divine Order or Over Their Heads?

Yes I do think that it is indigos who are doing the violence as well.

I am not sure precisely what is going on. I have been weighing the philosophical viewpoints either that "All is in divine order"...Or that this dimension is so dense and unpredictable...that this simulation is going with no safety net and (in Star Trek holographic terms)...the safety is off.

So either they are acting in Divine order (Rage) to what is going on around them.....or this was not intended and these entities got in way over their head in the density here.

I think that first time human incarnates from the higher dimensions are in for a big surprise when they decide to incarnate into families who do not parent in very progressive ways...that is on demand breastfeeding, carrying, sleeping with, not letting the baby cry alone etc. I have seen young indigos in less than nurturing situations develop an incredible rage by the age of 18 months. Their parents are baffled because basically earthlings have made neglecting babies a culture...and most earth native entities will tolerate this.

I think that this rage simmers through childhood, and grows...if adults in the environment are not sensitive and not willing to basically treat this child like an equal.

In early when American and European earth native cultures are the least sensitive to the emerging adult.....and also when the entity is entering a deeper density of earth after the natural awakenedness of childhood starts to dim: this is tinder for the fire.

The different thing about the that under the kind of pressure where older generations would crumble inward toward stunted personality or depression....The indigo crumbles outward (because they are not afraid) the social structure and at the schools and at the parents.

I do not understand how it is Divine Order that higher dimensional beings come to Earth to change a system through tragedy and violence.

I think that this also touches on the subject of what risk are the indigos taking as entities when they come here. Is it possible for an 8th dimension entity in the service of God to come here and choose a life so difficult that the entity is ensnarled in ugly karma for lifetimes to come? I think so. I also think that it is possible for an indigo to loose their way completely....though hopefully this is a rare occurrence and reversible.

Many of us Indigo forerunners had pressure cooker childhoods and so we look on these indigos and wonder why they can't handle the negativity here. My answer to that is that many of us forerunners had many many training lifetimes prepare for this one during the not only survive, lift the vibration, but also to give birth and raise indigos without squishing them or going crazy. The indigos we are bringing in are more sensitive than we are....they can be intolerant of everything from tags in clothing, to subtle routine changes. These indigos haven't had all the training that we did...they are depending on us to cushion the blows for them until they are strong enough to manage.

These are my thoughts...
~Just Anonymous

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