Rage of the Indigos

Yes, I do believe that this young man is an Indigo. There are many reasons for this kind of tragedy, I am sure of that. However one reason really keeps coming to mind for me - here is a beautiful child that wasn't validated, perhaps at home and at school. They take all this pain (I almost wanted to say - to heart!) and take it inside and it turns into unbelievable rage. The rage of not being heard, the rage of not being validated, the rage of not being able to do what they came to do..

And there is this - and this is strictly my belief - on a much broader scale this young man has volunteered to do this awful thing (I mean on a soul level). It's wake-up time. Could it also be that these children are trying to tell us something about guns? I don't know and these are just my thoughts. Remember that the Indigos are being called system busters. And that's just what they try to do.

This is Regina. I am a 57 year old grandmother of an Indigo girl. By the way, last October she went into crisis (10 years old), refused to go to school, became depressed, had anxiety attacks and became violent at home. This after never a day of trouble in school and A's and B's. We have no idea what might have set her off, we only knew it was scary. Due to the depression we kept her out of school for 2 1/2 months and enrolled her into Montessori school. What a difference, I am seeing a happy child - able to express herself and more. Yes, it is difficult to pay the tuition and we're all tightening our belts.

We have to make a change in the schools, our precious children and grandchildren are at stake here. And until the school system changes, this grandmother would rather live on bread and water than to destroy this beautiful child of God. And talking about rage, I am feeling it as well. What are we thinking of, what are we doing to our children? As you can tell, I am very passionate about this subject. I've had enough!

When children come to earth they're full of passion and I see that eroding over the years and especially in school. I saw that happening to my son, now 34 years old, and I just didn't know what to do about it back then. Too many rules in school, can't talk, can't laugh or cry. That's only allowed up to a certain age and then "we must follow the rules". And the passion in us gets lost.

There is one more thought that just came to me - the energy coming onto the earth plane is extremely powerful and this is affecting everyone.

In the Oneness of the Universe.

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