Need to Nurture the Children

Yes, I do feel that these children that are killing their schoolmates, or parents, etc. are Indigo. Like stated in the Indigo Children Book (starting on Page 9) The authors also believe that all of these shootings are by indigo children, more precisely the "Conceptual Indigo".

This particular Indigo, is quiet. Into his head and ideas in his head. Projects that he/she works on. I Personally believe that any Indigo who is not understood struggles. Ones who have parents who do not Know what an Indigo child is, they must feel lost and very angry that they are not understood, by parents, peers, and teachers. These children do not like control, as they want to control. The school today had "Inside security guards". This make the school environment feel like it is run like a prison. I remember my high school had these positions. You had to have a pass, and there was a parking lot person who checked each car as it came and left. This does not teach TRUST. All of these schools do not TRUST and teach TRUST to the students.

Please do not get me wrong. I have a child now, one who has not been to school yet, and I struggle with the decisions I have to make about his Education, and what is the best for his personality, and his safety. I know that some may find comfort that schools have Guards, I am commenting on how I remember how My school made me feel. My Above comments include my high school, and how the lack of trust did make the student act out! I was in a public school.

I feel that parents and teachers, need to come back to nurturing the children, Indigo or not. In today's busy world, some of these children, never see their parents. Some are not being monitored, some are. I think schools need to teach differently and let the children speak more for how they want to learn, and what they want to learn. The also need to be trusted, and loved, and nurtured. They need to be taught about respecting all people regardless of race or Religion. This needs to be discussed in schools as well as at home. There are still a huge number of parents out there that are still racists, and teach this to there children. All of the children today, are exposed to way to much violence, weather the source is Abuse in the home, or video games. A lot of the children today, are spoiled. I have a first hand example for that...........

My much younger siblings, from my father's new wife. They are given whatever they ask for. They have every new Technological devices. They go out all the time with tons of friends. They are not disciplined, and rarely ever told No. They do not earn an allowance, they receive what they ask for. They Work at NOTHING. My Brother just turned 16. He was given a car, and doesn't even have his License yet!! And the worst part, all of their peers and friends in school, act the same way!! Where is the Teaching, and morals in this???

I grew up getting a job at 15 the earliest I could work. If I wanted any extras, clothes, ect. I had to buy it. I never had a car, I cleaned the house, I learned to respect my mother, and awards were given.. I paid for car insurance as a teen. I learned about Values, and morals in the world. It is all convenience I think on the parents parts. They work all the time, and give to the children. Again I understand that in the world today, parents are working 50 plus hours a week. Our children need us!! There need to be a worldly change for everyone. As it is our jobs to raise these children. This is a really long example. Sorry I just feel very passionate about this all. I wish I could help these children, these families, this lose in our world. I pray for guidance for these children, but the Elders need to give it.

Thanks Everyone-
Rachael Graziano - 26, mother of Indigo Noah-2 yrs.

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