School Violence - A Multifaceted Issue

What is reported is that these children who are doing the shooting are ones who have been picked on by their peers. Usually they are children who do not have a stable family environment. These problems go on everywhere today but is more due to the problems with society - the lack of respect for each other. I always believe that this first and foremost should be taught at home. Too many families today do not bring their children up to respect one another and truly care about others. If not taught at home then it will probably never be instilled in the children. In fact it appears very few adults truly respect one another. Many families today are just too busy to instill the security children really need growing up that would help prevent situations like school violence from happening.

The schools years ago were able to discipline children helping them to learn respect for others. Children were taught to say please and thank you. How many times do you ever hear that today? The schools have lost their ability to discipline children because they are always worried about being sued for that kind of treatment. Until the schools are able to fully enforce discipline again we will always have problems with children's behaviors.

To say that Indigos are responsible for this behavior is really unfair. Yes, I do realize that many Indigos are treated unfairly by their peers. I have two Indigos that have been there. The treatment my son received especially could have lead him to commit a violent act in retaliation but I have brought him up in such a way that he wouldn't. Being a parent of an Indigo means you have to work so much harder bringing them up than most parents. You have to communicate with them as much as possible. Make it easy for them to come to you when they are hurting. Recognizing it when they have been hurt. Being there to help them feel better about themselves to get over the hurt. Parenting is hard to begin with but parenting an Indigo can be the hardest job you will ever take on.

Yes, being an Indigo is hard because you feel so different from everyone else. You are filled with energies you just don't understand. The world revolves around you differently but it is hard to find people who can understand how you see it.

The school violence issue is one that is multifaceted. It really is a problem probably rooted in the breakdown of the family unit. Our society has a big problem with that. So many things happen to children today while they are growing up. Lack of self esteem in a child can cause so many problems. The lack of nurturing and stability in a child's life starting at a very young age is where the focus should be centered to get to the root of the problem. Granted an Indigo can have these problems. I would think the outcome could possibly be more devastating to them. I do not think that all of the children causing the violence are Indigos but some most likely are.

~by Mary, mother of 2 Indigos, ages 18 and 19

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