Today's Teens - Children of the Hippies

The media is so interested in their SWAT programs etc. they don't even seem to realize that there are underlying reasons for their "victims" or culprit's actions. I feel a lot of the reasons too, are that many children do have tempers and need a lot of conditioning, and also anger management training as well. I know this from experience.

It also is true that a lot of the teen age children that are having a lot of the problems are the children of our "Hippie" generation - and many of those children were very rebellious and not helped to understand their problems as others did not know how to cope and help them. I'm talking about the "HIPPIES", as parents. Not everyone will agree with this, however as I see it, many of these cases seem to be about this. So many parents do not have any common sense as to what is right or wrong, nor do they care to try to help - they just get angry and hope the bad situations go away. So many forget to treat their children as they might wish to be treated.

Seems as if the majority of teachers just want to group all of the students in one category and teach them in the same way, forgetting that so many are so different and have different needs and methods of training. I only hope many will wake up soon.

by Marty, age 69

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