Too Much Stress!

The school violence really bothers me. I feel we put a lot more pressure and time constrictions on our children. My daughter is 11 and just last week she was trying to finish her normal (2 1/2) hours of homework, running to dance which she loves, I'm running with my job, picking up my son and friends, to get home to get her to dance then pick her and her friends up, home dinner, they do more homework, reading,or an assigned project (the project 99% of the time requires adult interaction) plus paying for supplies, finding the correct supplies. I'd like to shoot someone by the end of the day. My daughter cried, "I'm just a kid and I have no time to play." When I thought about it, Remember lazy Sunday's they no longer exist. Everyone is Stressed!!! to the limit. I'm showing her how to take deep breathes, and meditate. I've done Shamballa on her, She loves it. I also have a very flexible job purposely so I can be there for my kids. I can only imagine if the kids had to find ways to get themselves around (we have no bus service, or taxies in my town) I feel parents are so stressed and preoccupied with paying the bills the kids aren't supervised, or communicated with as needed.

Schools are turning into war zones. I feel bad for teachers, They have a lot on their plate, now they have to be security guards/parents/confidants. I feel the parents have to be accountable for their children, Where are kids getting guns??? School is a privilege, its required, but you have to have some decorum, and follow rules, or you're out. Get the children help, Let the children be children. We push kids to grow up fast. Give them responsibility according to their individual capabilities. I feel all this homework is crazy, and very stressful. we must deal with this problem, it won't go away on its own.

A concerned parent,
~Kathleen Chiccarelli

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