Indigo Children - School Violence

School Violence: A Reaction to Misunderstanding and Disbelief

by Elena, age 14

I think that much of school violence is caused by Indigos. I believe Indigos react very strongly, and, unfortunately, often in a bad way, to misunderstanding and disbelief.

Most Indigos, as children and teenagers, don't have people surrounding them who take seriously what they have so say about themselves and the world. Children are generally taught to unquestioningly accept what their parents, teachers, peers, etc. believe, and some Indigos forget what they were meant to teach, replacing their real knowledge with what they are taught is reality. I believe those that continue to share their knowledge with others are often teased and become outcasts. Without support of their beliefs, which they somehow know are true, they can become very bitter towards specific people, and/or the world itself, locking feelings inside, which sometimes boil into hatred. The hatred pushes the knowledge out of the way, and Indigos can become very violent.

I believe that that is possibly what happens with an Indigo who resorts to violence. Since most of the disbelif and teasing comes from interactions at school, that is naturally where the violence centers. (It just occured to me that these violent Indigos are, in a very horrible, twisted way, still conforming to their role as "system-busters"...)

To help stop the violence, children need to be taught to question things, and to bring new beliefs into the world. If kids have an idea that opposes general acceptance, they should not be told that they're wrong; they should be encouraged to examine that thought and expand on it. They should also be taught to be open-minded. Their beleifs should not all be carved in stone. Beliefs should be changed or expanded upon based on new information. Like science! :) Only when kids are not ridiculed for being "weird" or "different," will the violence stop.

Peace, Happiness, Love, Light, and Smiles to the World! :)

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