Children are the Future, Understanding is the Key.

Being an adolescent or teen isn't the easiest thing, and definitely not nowadays. The world is so wrapped up in money, politics, what's right and wrong, how you're going to get your next meal, who's going to look after the kids while you're at work, etc. Traditions have evolved to where the focus isn't on the family anymore - - and definitely not on the kids.

I can understand frustration to the point of self destruction - - not quite to the point of destroying others, but it isn't easy. Sure you adults have a glimpse of what the adolescent/teen years were...but that was then, this is today, here, in the now. What needs to change is the system - - don't focus on the negatives like why the H*$!l is little Jimmy failing all of his classes or little Suzy giving herself up for drugs...this is a problem society must pull their head out and say "hey, we need to fix this." America, don't you love it. I've lived here for 18yrs...what have I learned from this land of the free and home of the brave? I've learned that you hide from problems, and the only real brave ppls are the children, who live life everyday in this messed up world.

The gov't won't make a move until it's the senators and congressmens' children being slaughtered. It's the little ppl being kicked while they're down, we're the ones who have to group together and beg for answers.

You can't hide things from us we'll find out sooner or later - - we always do. You cannot deny life from us, so help us live it the right way.

I don't like to go in depth into this issue...too many bad memories from many angles. I don't like the politics that are tied into every subject of life. Politics leads to religion and morals, and those lead to politics - - a pointless cycle unless it's broken and analyzed.

Come on America, I have faith in you still; though you've let me down, I know change is in the heart - - so use it to fix this problem.

That's my two cents...who knows it could be me gone tommorrow. No one sees the problem until it affects them.

Peace be w/you and may you have a safe journey.

~by Daun

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