The Pain of Being Indigo

I don't believe that the Indigo children shut down their emotions or their hearts. I believe that they use protection tactics to cover their true emotions and heart. They feel the guilt, they feel the pain, they can't deny it within themselves, it alienates them because they don't feel they can talk with or relate to anyone else and create a hardened shell to protect themselves in. Their perspectives are different than possibly anyone in their family or any friendships they try to foster. I wish the term "indigo" child had been around when I was growing up. I think of all the alienation, the solitude as a child I had and I mourn for these kids. They act out, not knowing how to show love or compassion. Possibly they were never shown. But it's not because their heart is shut down. I happen to feel their hearts are so open it causes them deadly pain. But it stays all bottled up inside them, feeling there are no avenues to turn to or go down. They still feel the emotions, they still feel the alienation, they still feel their "difference".

When our children are taught that it's okay to be "different", to be your own person, have your own thoughts and ideas, to feel their emotions and not bottle them up as "weak or silly", when their worth is not judged on grades or how they measure up to the "strong" or the "good" kids, what a relief for everyone!!!!

Light and love,

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