Peace Education Needed

I heard a well known aura reader speak last spring and she stated that she had looked at photo of students who had killed on school campuses in the last few years and all but one were Indigo conceptualists! The conceptualists are the ones most distant from human relationships so it is not surprising that they are so easily alienated.

As a public school teacher I see these kids all the time. I can tell you they are comng from a position of HURT, not anger. It is so important for adults to be sensitive to these children and help them find positive expressions in their lives. As a teacher I make the time for these kids- spend a few minutes with them after class, talk to them about their acting out behaviors, offer them a chance to show their talents to others (even though those talents may not be "academic" or "school" related), and just let them know I care about them. I know some of the other kids in my class view this as "favoring" these kids. But what they don't know is that the extra time I give these students may be all it takes to prevent a violent incident on our campus. I am now trying to spread this idea around my school (not an easy task with some folks!). But I have already got the principal on my side- she agrees that more punishment is not the answer, we need to build a community within our school.

Our society can continue to debate gun control, nature vs. nurture, the use of drugs, school funding, poor parenting, etc. ad infinitum and we will not find a solution to the problem. The only way to stop violence is to Live Peace. And this is a lifestyle that must be taught- too many of our children today are exposed to violence and they do not know how to live together and solve conflicts peacefully.

I am part of a team in Orlando which is working to build a school for Indigos and all other children. I am designing the curriculum now and peace education will be a very big part of it. I have found the following group to be especially helpful:

These new children are so marvelous- they are so ready to help this world change. Even the students who kill are here for a reason- are they our wake-up call? I believe that good will come of this sorrow and that we are all standing on the edge of a beautiful New World.

Peace and Light,

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