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cover - Conflict Resolution Education The Handbook of Conflict Resolution Education: A Guide to Building Quality Programs in Schools
Jossey Bass Education Series
by Richard J. Bodine & Donna K Crawford
published 1997
Violence Goes to School : Lessons Learned from Columbine
by John Nicoletti, Kelly Zinna, and Sally Spencer-Thomas
published August 1999
This book will help you develop a response and prevention plan to handle threats and violence in schools and to identify and defuse potentially deadly situations. Helps develop policies and emergency protocols.
cover Can Students End School Violence? Can Students End School Violence? Solutions from American's Youth
by Jason Ryan Dorsey, published November 1999
About the author - Jason R. Dorsey is on a mission to create measureable, sustainable improvement in the social climate at ALL schools. Jason is the national spokesperson for the World Institute to End School Violence and founder of, THE internet destination for ending school violence. Jason is an extraordinary speaker, successful entrepreneur, and proven leader. Through his national non-profit student organization, YOUTHCONNECT, he is working to bring youth together across America and become a voice for their ideas.
Parents & Kids Talking About School Violence
by Val J. Peter
published January 2000
cover Ready-To-Use Violence Prevention Skills Ready-To-Use Violence Prevention Skills - Lessons and Activities for Secondary Students
by Ruth Weltmann, Frank J. Huml(editor), and Ruth Weltman Begun(editor)
spiral bound, published July 1998
After Columbine, A Schoolplace Violence Prevention Manual - Written by an Expert Who Was There
by Kelly A. Zinna, published September 1999
"The evolution and dynamics of Schoolplace Violence are outlined in the book, as well as the precipitants and warning signs, and ways to successfully intervene before tragedy strikes. The book includes descriptions of the psychological profile of perpetrators, victim typology, categories of threats, and optimal procedures for threat and violence management at every stage. There is an in-depth analysis of the myths surrounding violence, and how these myths can become barriers to reporting concerns in a timely manner. The book offers techniques for assessing the lethality of threats, including a discussion of the "copycat phenomenon" and how to respond to this. There are recommendations for training and other security issues, and guidance on forming a Threat Management and Violence Assessment Team within the school." - from book description on Amazon
Dangerous Schools Dangerous Schools : What We Can Do About the Physical and Emotional Abuse of Our Children
by Irwin A Hyman (Editor) and Pamela A. Snook
published July 1999
"Hyman and his co-author, psychiatric nurse Pamela A. Snook, argue that today's educators are abusing these (security) tactics in a toxic form of discipline that is undermining students' sense of justice and emotional well-being. They claim that schools are violating students rights." - From Amazon's Editorial Review
cover of Conflict Resolution in the Schools Conflict Resolution in the Schools : A Manual for Educators
Jossey-Bass Education Series
by Kathryn Girard, Susan J. Koch (contributor), National Institute for Dispute Resolution
published July 1996
cover What is Going on in Our Schools?What is Going on in Our Schools?: An Examination of Crime in Our Schools
by Jeffrey W. Bailey
published November 2000
"Statistics are provided so that one may actually look at the crimes in their classifications broken into victim's ages, gender, locations, types of crimes, and size of schools. School related deaths are examined by statistics and are also listed by state." in Amazon book description
cover Ready to Use Violence Prevention Skills Ready-To-Use Violence Prevention Skills Lessons & Activities for Elementary Students
by Ruth Weltmann Begun (Editor), Frank F. Huml (Editor), Frank J. Huml (Editor), Win Huppuch (Editor)
published Dec. 1999
Seven Steps for Organizational and School Violence Management : Assessment to After Care
by Thomas Davidson
published June 2000
"Guide book for the prevention and interdiction of workplace, organizational and school violence. This book identifies 7 steps for organizational and school violence prevention and management including after-care stratigies." Book description on Amazon
cover Violence Proof Your Kids NowViolence Proof Your Kids Now: How to Recognize the 8 Warning Signs and What to Do About Them, For Parents, Teachers, and other Concerned Caregivers
by Erika V. Shearin Karres, Diane Loomans (Foreword), Erica V. Shearin Karres
published September 2000
"According to Erika Karres, all it would have taken to prevent the Columbine massacre was one person - one parent, coach, or neighbor who recognized the signs." (from book description on Amazon.) How to turn kids around and away from violent behavior.
cover Kids Killing kids Kids Killing Kids Managing Violence and Gangs in Schools
by R. Steve McVey, Thomas K. Capozzoli
published December 1999
"How to find out which students are potentially violent? What do to do with them? Is there an epidemic of children whose psychological problems go undetected until they erupt in violence? Are the parents really responsible? [This] serves as a guide for detection, intervention, and prevention - providing solutions for our schools." Amazon book description. Also good strategies for teachers says one reviewer.
Let's Talk About Living in a World With With Violence : An Activity Book for School-Age Children
by James Garbarino
published December 1993.
Usually takes 4-6 weeks to order
cover Waging Peace in Our Schools Waging Peace in Our Schools
by Linda Lantieri, Janet Patti, Marian Wright Edelman
published July 1998
"The most prominent activists working in the fields of conflict resolution and emotional literacy argues that schools must educate the heart as well as the mind. This book is a practical guide, filled with stories, voices, ideas and advice. We see teachers using innovative techniques to create "peaceable classrooms", student mediators who are changing the lives of their schools, and the core curricula of conflict resolution and diversity education." (book synopsis on Amazon)
Before Push Comes to Shove: Building Building Conflict Resolution Skills with Children
by Nancy Carlsson-Paige, Diane E. Levin, Celeste Henriquez (Illustrator)
published May 1998
a children's book - to teach young children how to resolve conflits
takes 4-6 weeks to order
cover - 50 Ways to a Safer World50 Ways to a Safer World : Everyday Actions You Can Take to Prevent Violence in Neighborhoods, Schools, and Communities
by Patricia Occhiuzzo Giggans, Barrie Levy (Contributor)
published June 1997
"This book covers personal safety, safety in the home, on the street, and in the community, in an accessible and easy-to-implement manner." (Amazon description) It tells how to make your community more safe.
Schools Under Siege : Guns Gangs & Hidden Dangers (Issues in Focus (Hillside, N.J.)
by Carl W. Bosch, published June 1997
The author is a school psychologist. He says, "We need to get the message to middle school and high school administrators that 'tough' love and 'zero tolerance' probably contribute to the tragedies we are witnessing."
Project Peace : A Safe Schools Skills-Training Program for Adolescents : Leader's Manual
by Diane De Anda, Ph.D., published Feb. 1997
usually takes 4-6 weeks to get
Restoring Harmony : A Guide for Managing Conflicts in Schools
by James L. Lee, Charles J. Pulvino, Philip A. Perrone
published January 1998
coverSchool Discipline and School Violence: The Teacher Variance Approach
by Irwin A. Hyman, Avivah Dahbany, Michael Blum, Erica Weiler, Franklin Township (Contributor), Aviva Dahbany (Contributor)
published August 1996
"An overview of various models of discipline and helps them apply theory in a systematic manner. Through use of the Teacher Variance Inventory and the Survey of Attitudes Toward Children provided in the first chapter, the book helps students identify and develop their own best orientation to discipline." Book description on Amazon. Author is opposed to corporal punishment.
cover - Schools, Violence, and SocietySchools, Violence, and Society
by Allan M. Hoffman (Editor)
published June 1996
"This book is designed to examine issues related to schools, violence, and society. Since the 1960s, crime and violence have been increasing in America's schools. This violence is not limited to inner-city schools, but has struck virtually every strata and socio-economic level of American culture and society. The prevalence of crime and violence occurring in our nation's schools has become the concern of policy makers on the national and state levels." (book description on Amazon)
cover Evolution of School Disturbance in America The Evolution of School Disturbance in America
by Gordon A. Crews, M. Reid Counts
published in August 1997, usually take 4-6 weeks to order
"The characteristics of school disturbances are examined in five periods: the Colonial Period, the Early National Period, the Common School Period, the Progressive Period, and the Kaleidoscopic period." (- from Amazon book description)
cover Safe at SchoolSafe at School : Awareness and Action for Parents
by Carol Silverman Saunders
published August 1999
"It covers every school safety problem you can think of - guns, drugs, supervision, disaster preparation, sexual harassment, asbestos in the air, lead in the water, bullies, class trips, school maintenance, and many more. Step-by-step actions plans explain how to identify safety problems at your child's school, how to form a parent safety group (there's strength in numbers), and how to hold schools accountable for your child's safety." (from the book description on Amazon)
cover Indigo Children The Indigo Children : The New Kids Have Arrived
by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, published May 1999
Essays by many sources about the Indigo Children

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