Manifestation of Combined Mass Consciousness

Part 1

It is my personal perspective that it would be Indigo Children. From what I am 'hearing' and feeling now, is that majority of people here now, involved in much of this drama, are of a higher consciousness.

The reason being, is that it would take a person of broad consciousness to activate and trigger these karmic, low vibration patterns that are still stored in this planets mass conscious memory bank.

We cannot just wipe the slate clean on this planet. There are blockages and mutant 'negative' patterns in the cellular memory of the planet, that must be 'brought up' the the mass consciousness (from the sub-concsiousness as we are a dimensional vibration), to be released.

This, means that many of those stored 'files' of a 'negative' quality must be acted out, because they already exist unmanifest. The circle must be completed, it's the cause and effect law. It's the only way to remove them from our cellular memory.

Many of 'us' doing this releasing, are doing so because we ARE of a higher consciousness and vibration, therefore, can do the work, with the least amount of unnecessary damage and a broader perspective. Instead of getting caught up in the emotions that could be produced by such an activity, they/we are able to remain in a perspective of detachment, therefore, not generating any further cause and effect, or karma.

These children perhaps could be termed Karmic Indigo Children. If you were disarming a bomb, you wouldn't give the assignment to an apprentice bomb squad officer. You'd give it to the expert, so that no unnecessary damage would occur.

We are moving this planet out of any old patterning. I don't see that anyone on this planet now, or being born into it, is going to have a 'next life' like anything we have experienced before. They will either leave (die) and go to another 3D learning ground, or leave (die) and arrive on Terra. Others of us will remain conscious and transit to Terra. I don't believe there we can see anything that is happening now through 'old eyes'. Meaning, karma etc as we have known it. The pattern and 'experiment' of Living on this planet is over. We are now clearing away the rubble for the next experiment.

Therefore anything that is happening now, is part of the clean up process, not a continuance of the experiment conducted before.

Part 2

I agree that not all children at this time are Indigo's. They may also not be conscious of what they are doing, at a spirit level.

I think there are many facets of what is going on here. The main gist of it seems to be the manifestation of combined mass consciousness.

I wonder how many children or people have felt so upset that they have entertained the notion of going on a shooting spree. How many times has that thought occured, although never entertained as a real desire?

Could these shootings then be the mass collective of these thoughts finally surfacing for release and manifesting?? Whether these are highly evolved children, or galvanised catalysts for ALL the children that have entertained such a notion, it us ultimately serving one purpose in the Divine Plan.

Release. These collective thoughts are buried within earth's memory bank and the only way to get them out, is for them to manifest. If we have poison in our bloodstream, we have to draw it out, often painfully. It is an intense and quick pain, as opposed to leaving the poison within, where it does more subtle, but constant, unidentified damage.

When someone overdoses on too many pills, their stomach is pumped to get them out and prevent them from doing more damage. Getting the stomach pumped is no pleasant thing though. A tube is stuck down your throat, then liquid is pumped in to make you throw up your stomach content...but all this is essential to the bodies' healing and overall perfect health.

I read a book once channeled by Hilarion. He documented an example of shootings, plane crashes etc in that. He said that when some karmic action has to occur, in the case now, for releasing unmanifest mass thought forms, often a 'dark' being is given the task (which pleases them immensely).

The action must occur, for all the reasons mentioned above, but is often actioned by a 'dark' being, that is overseen by those operating the Divine plan.

~by Ailie J. Freeland, age 25

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