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Recommended Books on School Violence

Introduction - What's an Indigo? by Wendy Chapman, age 32

Is Your Child an Indigo? by Wendy Chapman, age 32

Understanding Why School Violence is Happening by Wendy Chapman, age 32

Channeling by Metagifted's Director, Wendy Chapman, of the Indigo Children - which discusses School Shootings

Can We Prevent School Violence? by Todd Merrell, age 33

A Wake Up Call - by Tony, age 24

School Violence: A Reaction to Misunderstanding and Disbelief by Elena, age 14

Emotional Dysfunction or NOT Human by Zack, age 17

Today's Teens - Children of the Hippies by Marty, age 69

Prescription Drugs and Violence by Karen Eck

Need to Nurture the Children by Rachael Graziano, age 26

Children are the Future, Understanding is the Key by Daun

Education: The Systematic Brainwashing and Robotization of Kids by Sage, age 31

School Violence - A Multifaceted Issue by Mary, mother of two Indigos ages 18 and 19

Too Much Stress! by Kathleen Chiccarelli

The Pain of Being Indigo by Caroline

Indigo Rage: Divine Order or Over Their Heads by Just Anonymous

Peace Education Needed by Carol

Rage of the Indigos by Regina, age 57

Concrete Ideas to Improve Schools and the Lives of Children by Jeff, age 24

Santee Shooting: Illusive Answers Waiting by Robin, age 42

Manifestation of Combined Mass Consciousness by Ailie J. Freeland, age 25

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Recommended Books on School Violence

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