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Parenting Indigos

Some advice on parenting Indigo Children:

Even Indigos have to be disciplined. If they're not, they will walk all over you.. Please don't misunderstand me - I don't mean punished, I mean they need to learn what is acceptable behavior and what is not and learn NOT to do the unacceptable things. Be fair, but set appropriate limits. Set reasonable consequences for not having them followed. For instance, a 5 minute time out instead of "You'll be sorry!", which is too vague, or "I'm going to thrash you," which you hopefully don't mean! FOLLOW THROUGH. If possible, allow the children to help you set the limits. For instance, have them tell you where it isn't safe to play. You can guide this discussion to what you need and have them help determine the consequences, which will probably be harsher than yours would be. They might say that they shouldn't be allowed to play with their favorite toy all the next day whereas you might have said for a half hour. In this way they are helping to set the rules and will hopefully help to follow them, too.

Give reasons for why your child is not allowed to do something, like run around wild or yell at the top of his voice ("Please stop yelling, it's hurting Mommy and kitty's ears.") Indigos need to know where you're coming from even if they don't LIKE it. It's important that they hear it.

Give choices "A or B - not C.." A or B. If he doesn't choose, he doesn't get either.

Tell him the TRUTH as much as the age will allow. Don't ever lie to an Indigo. They KNOW.

Tell him he's loved and hug him lots!

If you and your spouse argue, make sure the kids know it's not their fault. Kids usually think they are the cause of arguing in the home even when it has nothing to do with them. To them, the world does revolve around them, so they have to be told that you still love them. Give them extra love and attention after this because the extra stress will be very difficult for them. Often Indigos are empathic, which will make it evenmore difficult for them to be in stressful situations. Play music to help change the mood and energy in a place.. You can also use incense or make cookies or go for a walk.

Indigos are very explorative and have tons of energy. It helps if you channel this into something fun, productive, or at least not dangerous.

If your children are old enough you can send them on a scavenger hunt to find nature things - a rock with a stripe on it, two leaves almost alike, 6 acorns, a bug, a wildflower, running water, 6 leaves all of different colors, etc. Children enjoy nature and will like this sort of entertainment. You can go with them, too. You'll be surprised what else you find out in the yard.

Make cleaning up (their toys and games) their responsibility. You can help, but they do the most of it. You can also make it into a game by singing or playing a song and seeing if they can finish it all by the time the song ends.. and maybe get a little reward if they do. Mostly it will help for them to know WHY they need to clean up, HOW to do it, and that the making it into a game isn't to Make them do it, since it has to be done, but just to help make it fun once in awhile.

by Wendy H. Chapman

If you are the parent of an Indigo Child and need further assistance, please contact me. I am happy to provide individual family guidance and counseling. Please see the services section on Consultation on Indigos for more information on fees, etc.

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