Indigo Children: Is Your Child an Indigo?

Is Your Child an Indigo?

To find out, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Did your child come into the world acting like royalty?

  2. Does your child have a feeling of deserving to be here?

  3. Does your child have an obvious sense of self?

  4. Does your child have difficulty with discipline and authority?

  5. Does your child refuse to do certain things they are told to do?

  6. Is waiting in lines torture for your child?

  7. Is your child frustrated by ritual-oriented systems that require little creativity?

  8. Does your child see better ways of doing thing at home and at school?

  9. Is your child a nonconformist?

  10. Does your child refuse to respond to guilt trips?

  11. Does your child get bored rather easily with assigned tasks?

  12. Does your child display symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder?

  13. Is your child particularly creative?

  14. Does your child display intuition?

  15. Does your child have strong empathy for others?

  16. Did your child develop abstract thinking very early?

  17. Is your child very intelligent?

  18. Is your child very talented (may be identified as gifted)?

  19. Does your child seem be a daydreamer?

  20. Does your child have very old, deep, wise looking eyes?

  21. Does your child have spiritual intelligence?

If you have more than 10 yes answers, he or she probably is an Indigo. If more than 15, almost definitely.

Compiled by Wendy H. Chapman from her own experience with children and information in The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived by Jan Tober and Lee Carroll and her experiences with children. Please see for more info.


If so, this is not a bad thing!! The only difficult part is that they are very misunderstood at this point in time in our culture and therefore may have some difficulty dealing with systems such as the rigidity of the current educational system. Your own recognition of them and understanding of how to interact with them will help! You can teach others how to work with your child for the best effects.

Recognize the Indigo Children are the ones who will help raise the vibration of our planet! These are the ones who will bring us the enlightenment to ascend. Realize that if you are the parent of one of these spirits, you have been given a wonderful, marvelous gift! Feel honored that they have chosen you and help them develop to their fullest Indigo potential.

How to Get the Most from an Indigo: A Guide for Parents and Teachers

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