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Indigo Section Index

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Introduction - What's an Indigo?
by Wendy H. Chapman

Who Are the Indigo Children?
by Wendy H. Chapman

Is Your Child an Indigo?
by Wendy H. Chapman

Indigo Child Characteristics
by Wendy H. Chapman

Parenting Indigos Section
by various authors

How to Get the Most from an Indigo: A Guide for Parents and Teachers
by Wendy H. Chapman

Top Ten Tips for Parents of Indigos
by Wendy H. Chapman

More Advice on Parenting Indigos
by Wendy H. Chapman

Indigos Dealing with Difficult Parents
by various authors

Teaching Indigos - Top 10 Tips and Article
by Wendy H. Chapman

An Indigo Dilemma: Learning Disabled or Not
by Dorene Graham

Have They Lived Before?
by Wendy H. Chapman

Are they Nuts?
by Wendy H. Chapman

Elder Indigo Wisdom
by Lorie Johnson

Channelings On Indigos
channeled by Carolyn Holtgrewe

Poetry About Indigos
by various authors

An Indigo's Life on the About You page
AKA The Double Edged Sword of Giftedness - by Jacob

Advice to Parents from Indigos
by various Indigo authors

Biographies of Indigos
by various Indigos

Adult Indigo Index

Are you an Adult Indigo?
by Wendy H. Chapman

Adult Indigos - Ok, so I'm an Indigo, Now What?
by Wendy H. Chapman

[NEW]  Adult Indigos - Ana and the Bird: Integration of Spirit
An indigo child grows up - channeled by Steve Rother of the Group

Music for Indigos Index
Articles by many authors

Indigos and School Violence INDEX
Many articles all by different authors

Crystal Children Index

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cover Indigo ChildrenThe Indigo Children : The New Kids Have Arrived
by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, published May 1999
Essays by many sources about the Indigo Children

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