Biographies of Indigos

Biographies of Indigos

The first biography we received is available on the About YOU page.

If you are an Indigo, you are invited to write a short biography/introduction of yourself and whatever you feel represent your Indigo-ness. These bios help other Indigos to realize they are not alone and that there isn't anything wrong with them. Please send your bio. to Let me know if you want your full name, first name, or just "anonymous" with it as well as your age and what part of the world you are in.

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Keith, age 13
Seranina Joy

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An Indigo?


As a child, I knew I was different. The realization occurred while still in pre-school. One day, while watching an elderly woman eating alone in a restaurant, I was assailed with thoughts about time, age and death. I felt a gnawing sense of apprehension for the woman who was nearing the end of her life, a slight anxiety at the idea of my own demise, and a feeling of tremendous empathy for all who existed or would ever exist (for I knew they would go through similar spiritual turmoil). A sadness that has never since been duplicated overtook me, and for an instant, I had forgotten that the four year old me existed. For I had aged 80+ years in spirit. "Time does not console me" became a maxim that has since buried itself into my mind.

Today I am still greatly intrigued by theology, parapsychology, and the world beyond the corporeal. Although I am not academically precocious, I am what most would call intellectually gifted. Life has always felt surreal to me, almost as if a veil covers my face, not obscuring my sight; its purpose, I believe, to grant me slight protection against that which would normally cause a brutal onslaught of emotions. That is not to say that I am jaded...only somewhat detached. This strikes many as odd. How can I be so removed on one hand, yet feel nothing but aching sorrow for the plight of an abused animal? I can't answer that question in its entirety, for I don't fully know myself.

In school, I was 'the' underachiever. My grades fluctuated based on the courses (100% in World Religions, 60% in Physical Education etc.), the teachers, and the degree of inanity that I felt applied to a particular topic. If I could see no practical application, no (potential) beneficial end result , I simply didn't do the work. After all, there were countless things I did not know...why spend time on make-work assignments?

Teachers, of course, find this attitude disturbing. As they could see potential where I could not, and they felt that the projects were ultimately beneficial, my rebellion was disappointing (to say the least). Despite their concern, I stubbornly refused to do work that I felt was repetitive or lacking in depth.

At home my mind was stimulated to my hearts content. My mother, who is considerably like me in personality, has never pushed me, nor made me feel guilty for not 'living up to my potential' (aka spending time on make work projects ;)]. She is the one person I truly feel connected to at a spiritual level, and provides an outlet for my energy, and a non-judgmental approach to life.

As I grow, I realize that despite my aloof exterior, my past denial of abilities, and my semi-concealed empathy, I truly have a deep-seated desire to explore the world and help others. Yet, without allies that you can connect with or friends that can help you explore unconventional avenues of thought, the world can seem overwhelming. Metagifted has created a nexus for all other "indigos"; people who have trouble with conformity, authority, and the belief that they are not alone. Perhaps it is time to make some contacts!

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Shelley from Regina, SK

(Please leave in my spellings of words cuz I think that makes it more personable and leaves my personal 'fingerprint' on it. )

All of my life, I've stood out from my peers (Already this sounds so cheezy like off of an 80s movie or something. Ignore the flavour please :):)). It was never really uncomfortable or awkward, but I guess that's because I hid it a lot once I became aware of it. I took it for granted a lot and was usually more concerned with fitting in. Strange because in high school I acted soooooo weird as a way to deal with everything that was happening... racing thoughts, huge universal questions, out of control emotions, boredom with school, and unbounded energy! So let's skip all that, and now I bring you up to the last few years. It's funny cuz I was taking an adolescent psychology class, and I was reading a chapter about GIFTED ADOLESCENTS. Well that made me do a triple take! It was the hugest OH.MY.G. I've had in a long time. The thing I realized, is that this whole 'giftedness' thing continues on through your whole life. They had me in that program when I was in elementary school, but I didn't think anything of it. All I knew is that I enjoyed those activities way more than regular school. There was nothing like that in highschool, and then university was pretty cool up until recently when I realized how much crap it is. The point is, I finally woke up from telling myself that I'm NOT different cuz I am!!!!! :):) Unique and important - not special though. I don't like the term 'special' cuz it makes it sound like there is something ONLY I can do which others can't and that is simply not true. But anyways.

So I started to get really mad about school cuz it is sooooo unfulfilling, and I also wanted to get some 'career counseling' to try and decide on what grad program to enroll in. Well, the counseling thing was a big mistake. I've gone to a few profs now, and they just don't get it. And the thing is, I have always had this natural feel for what 'counseling' should be about, and it seemed that none of them really had the same awareness or consciousness as me. And I figure that if they have an extra 7 years of school that I don't and they still don't act how I already do, what's the point of going to grad school? But that's a whole other story.

My point is, that I've finally admitted to myself that I KNOW what I am doing, I KNOW who I am, and I KNOW that I KNOW!!! And it's great!!! :):):):) I love everything so much, and people soooooooo much, and love and light and growth is all I really care about. My favourite thing (actually I have a lot of those... I tend to exaggerate all the time, but that's really how I experience things! In extremes!) - one of my favourite things now is doing reiki. I was nervous cuz I didn't think I could do it even though I've done some on my own already, but I got up there and I'm a pro! It's such a great tool for me cuz I have so much love to give, and this way works great! It's a great way to start talking to people about their beliefs and about spirituality and stuff like that. (I find that lots get scared off if they think you are talking about religion.)

What I love now is meditation, reiki, reading/studying cool books like Conversations with God (I read them all in a two week span cuz they rule!!) and A Course in Miracles. I love journalling, especially narrating how beautifully and wonderfully everything works out in my life! Amazing! I am constantly amazed at the Universe and all its beauty. I'm also very happy to say that I have been becoming more and more psychic all the time which is SOOOO awesome, cuz now I have even cooler 'tasks' to do than before... 'teaching' people about who they really are and wonderful awesome amazing things like that!

I've recently become pretty fed up with lying to myself (heehee)... it was triggered by the fact that I am almost convocating from university and that I have no passion to continue in 'earthly' goals. I definitely don't define myself by the world's standards (I don't think I ever really did), and it's stupid to try and find myself where I know I am not! I kept thinking that everyone goes through this, but that is just not true. I've always been so amazed that I am only 20 years old but I feel at least 8000 years old. I've always felt old. I was born old, I think! :) Getting off track though.

Anyways, people are always asking me 'what are you gonna DO after this', and I so know that's not the point. Who cares what I am DOING? Ask me who I will be BEING!!!! I really gotta get my life's work going. Not that it hasn't been going already, but I hate being stuck in stupid school... dumb ball and chain. I've been going hardcore fulltime since I started, and yes, it has only been 2 and a half years but it feels like aaaaaaaaages. It's sooo boring to sit in that class talking about things I don't believe in, things that don't matter, talking ourselves into circles that have no end - what's the point!? I already know how to think! I already have the 'skills' I need! I already know who I am! But I get stuck when I think "ok, well what am I going to DO?" I know my path won't be traditional... in fact, it will be anything BUT that. But I can't really 'see' that far ahead right now. The Universe never really lets me see too far ahead cuz they know how excited I get. I suppose if they told me what I would be doing after this school junk I would NEVER be able to concentrate on completing school tasks hey?? :):):) Ahhhhhh the Universe, how I love it so!!! :):)

It's great how I've ALWAYS had the feeling that there were many others like me out there, but I'd always wonder WHERE ARE THEY??? and why haven't I met them yet??? I suppose I am just used to having my life on fast forward... yes, I am impatient sometimes, but why limit myself to one speed of living??? ;) ;) I want to do it all! And what better time than now??? :)

Shelley :):):):)

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From Keith in Florida, age 13

I am not the parent of an indigo child, I am an indigo child! When I saw your website, I knew it was meant for me! I had such a jump in my emotions, one that I have never felt before. I do not know who you are, yet. But I do know, that someway, somehow, I wil attend these classes. You don't even know me, and I you, but I feel so thankful for this website.

I am a very religous person, and I believe that the holy spirit gave me the gift of psychic, though I am 13, and was born in 87', my whole life has been empty. I have gone from magic tricks, to tarot cards, to spells and rituals, looking for the answer that the holy spirit meant for me. I have found my calling, though I knew that I had the ability of psychic, i needed some one to guide me. I have the ability to see the aura. I live in florida, and want to learn about seeing the aura clearly, and reading minds. It means alot to me to not be ignored, and laughed at. Even my own father thinks I am nuts.

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From Seranina Joy

Ok...this is kinda AWE-some! The whole thing about it... BEAUTIFUL...

So one day I felt pulled towards an unknown destination {this happens often} and I followed. I got off of work {which is a great work place, cafe/spiritual learning center/gathering place for goodness} So I hiked up the butte to play my drum and get out some irritation about this society. Sometimes I think I'm too passionate about BIG things but it's all good because I'm me and I just wanna help out. So I was on the butte and this guy with a quite overbearing presence walks up to me. He wasn't going to hurt me or anything, he just had a message for me about a *Blue Star* generation. So he talked a lotta nonsense untill then. I associated *Blue Star* with this artwork that I used to do of my colors. I always put a *Blue Star* on those pieces, pastells are great! Since that origional kick I've been learning,expending, integrating, sharing my "knowing stuff" and learning others "knowing stuff". Which I think is really important...sharing...PRESCHOOL IS A GOOD PLACE TO LEARN TO SHARE. SO WHY DID MORE PEOPLE NOT FLUNK IT??????!

I would like to end this by thanking everyone that helped with this site and everyone who helps break open the current physical realm of existance to find the truth inside,outside, upside,downside and all around side.

Much Love,

Seranina Joy*

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