Adult Indigos

Ok, So I'm an Indigo, NOW What?

It was even harder for you than today's kids because there was not as much support. Not as many of your peers were Indigos and you may have felt weird or freakish. I think the first step is to work on accepting yourself. Know that you're not a freak. Know that the trials and difficulties you went through were not because there is something WRONG with you, but because you are here to make a difference. It is these characteristics that will help you to overcome challenges and to spur you to make the changes necessary. You are here to help change and improve the systems, to be the advocate for the current generations, to help bring in the new energy!!! Remember why you are here :)

Where do you want to go from where you are right now?

Do you want to explore your spirituality? Your psychic skills?

Do you want to work on changing careers? Getting any more education if needed to move to a place you will like?

Do you have any special talents you have always wanted to explore - painting, writing, cooking, etc?

Do you want to work on your relationships? To improve your relationship with your children? parents? friends?

If you have children, treat them with respect and as equals, set fair limits to protect them. Be consistent. See The Guide for Parents of Indigos for more suggestions

What are your gifts? How can you use these to help better the world? Find your talents and think about how you might apply them.

How can you develop yourself to 'be all you can be'? How can you expand your light to help others?

With all of these ideas, the first step is to accept yourself. To find your own light and make it brighter and brighter. Allow yourself to be happy and whole. By doing this alone, you will have changed the world.

I recommend joining the Adult Indigo mailing list and the Metagifted Community of Awareness to have a support group to discuss these issues with. See Mailing List page for information on how to join.

I created a mailing list for Adult Indigos. This is how you can get connected with other Adult Indigos ;)

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One book I'm currently reading and that I highly recommend is "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise L. Hay. It's mostly about learning to accept yourself, how to forgive yourself, and how to make the changes you really want to to get what you want.

I'd also recommend the Kryon books by Lee Carroll, Abraham Hicks books or tapes, Wayne Dyer books, and SARK books.

There are channelings at that you may like.

You also might think about taking a Reiki or Shamballa class or something like Chi Gong, Tai Chi, or Yoga.

Have an idea for this section, please write me. I WELCOME your input!


~by Wendy H. Chapman

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