Adult Indigos

Do Adult Indigos exist? YES!!! They did not just start coming at rates of 90% of the incoming population in 1992. I believe there have always been some Indigos, the amount of which has only increased through the last 50 years or so. My guess on percentages is that Indigos make up approximately 15-25% of 20-30 year olds, 10-15% of 30-40 yr olds, 5-10% of 40-50 yr olds and 0-5% prior to that time. That's MY opinion, not a fact. Some of us are here to pave the way for today's massive influx of Indigo energy, to break down some barriers and to be advocates and support systems for these children.

Please note, I (Wendy Chapman) am the first person to publish anything about indigo adults. Everything else I had heard or read prior to 2001 said that indigo children started in the late 70s and early 80s. I received thousands of emails in 1999 and 2000 from people who claimed to be adult indigo children. These people were over 25, and mostly over 30 years old, and had very similar characteristics to indigo children, plus or minus a few. The differences to indigo children were reliably coming up in nearly every letter. I collated this data and came up with a list of indigo adult characteristics, published here in Feb. 2001. The list has born the test of time, with tens of thousands more people recognizing themselves and writing to me. I am very glad to have made this contribution to the world!

Many indigos seem to find solace in finally knowing why they are different from the general population and in knowing they are not completely alone. I began the indigo adults mailing list on yahoogroups in April 2001, which now in 2005 has over 2100 members and the indigo-adults-moderated (on topic) list, which has over 700 members. Follow the links at the bottom of the page to join either of these. These lists are virtual communities for indigo adults. I am writing a book about indigo adults to help spread the word to reach more indigos.

~Wendy Chapman


Are You an Adult Indigo? by Wendy Chapman. This is the indigo adults characteristics that I mentioned.

"Ok, so I'm an Indigo, Now What?" by Wendy Chapman

Indigo Adult Biographies Index - over 150 biographies available!

Ana and the Bird Channeling by Steve Rother of the Group
An Indigo Child Grows Up: Integration of Spirit

Reality Bites - which are sort of the opposite of the Enlightening Thoughts of the Day, available on the homepage. Due to the concepts described, Reality Bites may resonate with many indigos.


Mailing Lists

I created two mailing lists for Adult Indigos. This is how you can connect with other Adult Indigos ;) One of them, the "indigo-adults" list, is the community chat list. The other moderated list called "Indigo-Adults-moderated" is a very focused information list to help you understand and use your indigo-ness. It's more of a classroom/focus group. You're welcome to join either or both of these. If you need more personal indigo information, I also offer Indigo Consultations in person, phone, online chat, or email.

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To join either of the group, use the form above or send an email to or You will need to respond to the adult age confirmation letter (not to me, to the address you receive it from) in order to be approved to join the list by the correct moderators for whichever list you are joining.


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