Educating in the New Age

Prime Functions of the Educator in the New Age

According to D. Rozman, "Meditating with Children, page 10, originally taken from "Education in the New Age" by Lucis Trust, the prime functions of the educator in the new age are as follows:

  1. To train children's brains to respond intelligently to sensory impressions.

  2. To train the mind:

    1. to deal intelligently with information relayed by the brain

    2. to develop creative and imaginative thinking in response ot physical impulses, emotional reactions, and the mental world of the environment

    3. to hear promptings of the heart and unfold the spiritual self so it may emerge through meditation and contemplation of life and nature

  3. The educator must be able to get inside the world of the child and help the child get inside the inner world of others. We must do this with awareness of the heart.

Celestine Prophecy Wisdom on Assisting Children to Become Whole Adults

Based on the 8th Insight: Interpersonal Ethic

We must uplift every person that comes into our lives to the best of our ability. "With children it is extremely important to their early security and growth." p. xvii (see reference bottom of page).

Information from Redfield, J. & Adrienne, C. (1995). "The Celestine Prophecy: An Experiential Guide", NY: Warner Books, pp. 227-230.

If you want more info on the Celestine Prophecy, please see this outstanding summary of the 9 Insights on an external site.

At the class on Spiritual Giftedness, presented by Michael Piechowski, he was asked, "What do you recommend for teachers for identifying students with this potential for sipiritual giftedness or dealing with students who are spiritually gifted?"

He answered that we should offer acceptance and respect and definitely not make fun of it. That seems so obvious..

Please see the section on Teaching Indigos. Indigos are the new energy children and it is said that 90% or more of all school age children today are Indigos.

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