Shamballa Paper by Jan Harkey


A Perspective

By Jan Harkey


*Usui Reiki Master
*Shamballa Master
*Shamanic Practitioner


This document shares my perspective on Shamballa and the experiences I have had tuning into the symbols and using them in healing sessions. Everything one reads comes through the filter - or background - of the author. You must take what you feel are your own truths and discard the rest. You should also ask for your own lessons with these symbols, because the Universe will provide a custom experience just for you! I know this document will evolve as I do, so I have put a date on it for reference. The document is 17 pages, so you may want to print it out. I have separated each Shamballa Level for convenience, even though the experiences are multi-faceted and in varying time points. Please pass the paper along in its entirety. Thank you!

I began taking Usui Reiki classes in 1994 so that I could send the healing energy to my father, who was ill. At the time, I did not envision myself becoming a Usui Reiki Master, or doing guided healings and attunements. But that became part of my path, and I am thankful to all who have supported that segment of the journey. After reading James Redfield's books, including The Celestine Prophecy and The Secret of Shambhala, I was intent on becoming a master of all the insights he presented. I did not know that Shamballa Reiki even existed. The angels brought Shamballa Master, Linda White Dove, to my town of Millis, MA., and I completed the four levels of Shamballa attunements from her by September of 2000. Although, I do not believe it is necessary to take Usui Reiki first, it did allow me time to heal. It is important for a future practitioner to heal thyself. The more light in your being, the more love in your heart, the bigger the energy. An attunement is the best possible healing, as you accept you own abilities to cleanse yourself. Regardless of the speed of attunements, I believe that our guides take care of what energies will be activated when the timing is appropriate for each soul. We just give the Universe the end target with our intention.

Shamballa is more than symbols to help others heal, it is a path to your personal connection with all parts of yourself that make you whole, a perfect reflection of the One we call God, Spirit and Creator. It is a place in your hearts of peace and love, a feeling of community with all that is, where we re-member our pure essence. Shamballa Reiki is called Multi-Dimensional Healing System because it connects us to all the dimensions that are each of us, the God/Goddess within. I have had that golden moment of being One with All, and know that we have infinity within everyone of us. It is a wonderful time, an important time, to claim all the wondrous parts of our selves. We are all of the light, and therefore all who bring their love forward are light-workers. It is not a special club. The Earth Mother and her children need our help for planetary healing and ascension. May you have the courage to face your holiness as you journey 'home' to wholeness!

Shamballa Perspective

Before delving into my experiences with the individual symbols, I would like to share my perspective of how Shamballa fits into the 'big' picture. The universe is shining its' light on all things secret, and as the saying goes, 'The Truth is Out There'. As we enter this Aquarian Age we have great opportunities to expand our awareness of self, and how self interacts and intertwines with all of creation. The ancient religions and great masters talk about being one with the Source, that being separate is our hell. It is becoming accepted wisdom that considering our selves to be alone puts our bodies into dis-ease. Once we break free of the illusions that we are separate beings, and understand that we are all children of the same Creator, we have a chance to become happy and whole. There are many paths 'up the mountain to home'. For me, the Shamballa attunements have brought me to a state of consciousness that is evolving into a permanent state of be-ing, a being of light and love.

Shamballa History

I have asked St. Germaine and other Ascended Masters to help me with this section in order to present it with truth and light, to the best of my capabilities. Atlantis, Germaine says, was the 3D 'Shamballa' of that time, a place of oneness of heart and beauty. There was much less distinction of spirit and individuality and little hierarchy. Shamballa is a real place, and is on an etheric level of Earth as home to the Lords and Ladies of Shamballa, keepers of the purple flame. That is why the symbols that were given to the group of souls that were priests and priestesses of Atlantis, including the High Priest Germaine, was called Shamballa Reiki.

I'd like to quote from an article called The Shamballa Force from a web site, "The most powerful force is that pouring into the world from Shamballa, the planetary centre where the Will of God is known. Only twice in our planetary history has this Shamballa energy made its presence felt directly: the first time, when the great human crisis occurred at the individualisation of man in ancient Lemuria; the second time, in Atlantean days in the great struggle between the Lords of Light and the Lords of Material Form, also called the Dark Forces. Today, this force streams out from the Holy Centre "

The Dark Forces were misusing the devic realm, whose life forms are the essence of Earth's being the spirits of nature. There was an attempt by the Lords of Light to ground the Mahatma energy, the name given to the unconditional love energy beamed directly from Source. This energy heals the earth at the elemental level by connecting the life force to the Will of God/Goddess. The result, however, is massive Earth changes and upheavals. Sananda (who most know as Jesus), came to Atlantis reincarnated as Thoth, a manifestation of the Mahatma energy. Thoth assisted in preserving the aspects of Shamballa's power and knowledge, until humanity was more spiritually evolved to use it with love. It seemed that the crystal skulls were made as reflections of the various temple energies. According to my channelings, there were many temples, and the energies did not define themselves into specific rays until after the time of Atlantis. Symbols were also created in tablet form to embody different energies for later use and discovery. The Atlanteans were either portaled or reincarnated to new temple sites of Tibet, Egypt, Yucatan, Peru, etc., preserving the knowledge (Great Halls) and teaching what they remembered.

As the Egyptian 'god' Thoth, Sananda introduced 22 of the key energies as the tarot, to help guide our decisions as part of the Universal laws of Kabbalah. Germaine and other Atlanteans have returned many times, teaching the Kabbalah, the name of the teachings of Shamballa, the ancient city of the continent Atlantis. The wisdom of Kabbalah and Shamballa are one, I am told as I type this. Thus ends my confusion with the two disciplines, as both claim their beginnings in Atlantis, with distinctive ties to St. Germaine. Symbols are worth a thousand words, I am reminded. When we are attuned to Reiki symbols (Universal Energy), we are tuning into Universal Wisdom, the essence of Kabbalah. Different approaches with the same end result of remembering who we are and how life' is manifested.

Many souls are awakening to their past lives and coming into their current purpose. I believe that is because the Mahatma energy is activating the pyramids at the ancient temple sites and helping us to re-member. The grand design to help the Mother and her children ascend is on a roll! Many Reiki healers know that we are being shown and trained with the symbols consciously or in the dream state. There are new symbols being created with energies to deal with the new viruses, just as some ancient symbols are no longer needed. Reiki evolves with mankind's needs. Light-workers must outnumber and out-power the darker forces that poison our world. We are learning that we create our lives by thought, word and deed. We are learning that the angels manifest our prayers. We can change the course of this planet by collective efforts and create our Shamballa here on Earth. We must now heal, co-exist, co-operate, and co-create with the devic realm, the life force of this planet, or we too, shall become as Atlantis - a 'lost' civilization.

The Usui Reiki and Shamballa Reiki symbols help to clear the shadows surrounding our crystalline being. By affirming regularly, "I AM the Mahatma, I AM that I AM", you will tell your Higher Aspect that you want to activate your power of light and unconditional love within your hearts. The sacred geometry within the crystals of our body and blood, the Codes of Enoch, will begin to vibrate. When God's messenger Enoch, appeared to me in flames, I told him I would serve the Creator. Since then, I have felt my body tingling almost all the time as it spiritualizes. In places I frequent - like bed and my altar - a beam of Mahatma energy exists to speed my en-lighten-ment and ascension to the next level. So, please call in the Mahatma energy, activate your enligtenment, and re-member all of this for yourselves!


Although the symbols are the same as in Usui Reiki, I now use them a bit differently in the healing sessions. I used to put the symbols into specific chakras when I was guided to. Since my Shamballa attunements, I begin a session at the crown chakra, putting in three each of the Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, and Dai Ko Myo symbols. If there is a blockage, the symbols stop or swirl slowly at a spot and I know what to work on. If people are clear on that level (physical level = Cho Ku Rei, etc.), then they zip on through the body and out the toes. The one Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen I ship in tends to cover the whole body like a blanket, connecting all their DNA to their Akashic record for the healing. I now see these four symbols in a 3D form, and much more alive' after my Shamballa attunements. I actually talk to them as conscious devas or entities, and thank them, along with the rest of the helping spirits, at the end of the session.

When I first was attuned, I would say, "Shamballa on" in the healing sessions, which was asking for the Masters' energy. The first few times that I imagined this energy coming through me, like I had done with Usui Reiki, I was not able to handle the power level, it was so loving and strong. I learned not try to funnel this healing power through me, but watch it come into the room like a soft blanket to surround and heal the person. It was the energy of the Lords and Ladies of Shamballa, a collective of Masters' purple light, swirling together as one. Although I sensed different souls, it was difficult to talk' to a specific soul as they seem to indeed be of one mind and purpose. This is how we were, in the beginning, and this is what we will be a part of when we become Masters of ourselves. Now, they tell me to turn on my own Shamballa fire to burn the shadows from the people or land areas. It is after this healing exercise that I call in the Mahatma energy for the person's or places' highest good (that part is important to say) to activate their own connection to Spirit.

Most of the uses I have for the symbols are well documented in Diane Stein's book, Essential Reiki. It is very interesting to me to note that her book includes many symbols that she feels are non-Reiki...which are in fact Shamballa Reiki symbols and part of our whole healing journey. When we get a Shamballa Level I attunement, I think that we receive more symbols than the 4 mentioned above. These would combine with the well-known Usui symbols for a more complete spectrum of healing frequencies. They come in with our intention, or when we say "Shamballa on".


The Antahkarana hit me like a ton of bricks when I saw it for the first time during my Level II attunement. The power of it emanated in all directions and I knew that I had used this symbol in Atlantis. In many Shamanic journeys back' to the temple I used, I see the Antahkarana on the base of the altar where I did my healings. I was a priestess, one of many who worked in the temples to help the children reconnect with Source. In this life, I have used the Antahkarana under my pillow, under the massage table, or under the doll' in distance healings. I see it floating above the person first so that the energies are gentle, then into the person rotating through their chakras, clearing out blockages so that the person can gain a clearer awareness of their connection with the Creator.

I believe the Antahkarana works well with cancer and viruses because cancer is symbolic of our selves acting like we are separate from the whole. When we heal our connection to God/Goddess, then our cells undergo a mirror healing. We need not go to war' inside or outside of ourselves because we are one with all others in this Universe. Oneness is manifested on all our energy levels.

The Antahkarana also strengthens those strands of light that link us to our knowing, our point of creation. The Antahkarana is clearly the number 7' pointing in every direction, tying us in with aspects of our Universe and ourselves. The number seven is sacred in many contexts. The Kabbalah states that there is the power of creation in the number seven, with the 7 creative planets directing our lives, reflected in the 7 days of the week, with the 7 archangels in charge of different aspects of Earthly life. In Shamanism, there are 7 levels (or frequencies) in the upper world and 7 levels in the lower world; each representing archetypical levels of awareness, just as our chakras represent. Alice Bailey mentions the obvious 7 chakras and colors, as well as the 7 tones of the musical scale and their mention in the Book of Revelations. Most importantly, the Seed of Life is seven circles and I believe the Antahkarana to be the total of the seven rays of life, the rainbow reflection of God's pure light.

Although the power of this symbol was perverted by the Nazi and Neo-Nazi regimes, the symbol has a longevity of spiritual history of light and goodness. Some of its many meanings are good luck, progress, the sun, and the union of yin and yang. Like all things, our intention is the critical factor when tuning into the energies.

The Mer ka fa ka lish ma represents the mother energy, the original DNA blueprint that we start out with at soul birth. I use this symbol after using the other Reiki symbols. To me, it helps to re-program' the person's DNA back to its' purest form, before patterns of behavior or trauma may have altered it. The following true story demonstrates the power of the symbol.

The first time I used this symbol was for a good friend during the Reiki support group meeting. I had asked that she envisioned a certain happy moment in her childhood. Right after I drew the Mer ka fa ka lish ma over her, the huge energy of the Goddess came down to give my friend, a healing hug'. The love was so intense, that I had to back off and find the Kleenex (a frequent event for me). The Goddess has been a friend and teacher for me, so I was used to a certain energy level from her...this was much stronger than conversational energy. It has been huge every time I have used it.

At another one of our group sessions, we were working on a friend that had had a couple of car accidents which caused damage to his neck, shoulder and arm. We had tried different approaches to help him without much success. I suggested he think of a time before the accidents when his arm and shoulder were in fit condition. I used the Mer-ka-fa-ka-lishma first and asked that his trauma area be re-birthed' as it was at that point of healthy re-memeberance. We then chanted and pictured many Hon Sha Ze Sho Nens to change the Akashic Records, i.e. rewrite the history for his arm. T The last client I had felt the burning sensation in his hip, but the pain was gone when we were done. Most of the folks find that the pain will intensify as it is brought up before it is released. Some may experience an oozing' sensation from the hole' after the session is over.

The rest of the symbol looks like a cup to me, receiving the light and love the Universe sends to fill up the hole the corkscrew just made. I am starting to ask for the Mahatma energy to fill up the hole. I also encourage the client to give themselves Reiki on the area for a few days if they are attuned. This may seem backwards' on the use of the cup and corkscrew shapes with what you might have read. I just go by my intuition. You will sense your own meaning and metaphors in using Motor-Zanon, I am sure. My husband sells wine, so a corkscrew and cup came to mind for me!


I learned a valuable lesson regarding two of the symbols in the Shamballa Level III attunement. I had felt nothing when I first saw the Abundance symbol and the Ho-ko-oi-liili, or symbol for self-worth. Furthermore, when I tried to send them to a friend of mine, the energy seemed lackluster to say the least. I usually visualize symbols going in to one chakra or another, and I had no clue where these should go. What was wrong?

Once again, I told my guide that I was ready for his help. As always, my wonderful guide, Freddie, came through one afternoon as I was resting in bed with a sprained ankle. He let me know that I had not allowed those energies to flow for myself...I was blocking my own abundance and self-worth. He was right. How can I send energy if I had not activated that aspect in myself? In an attunement, your intention is to accept these keys to turn our light-strands, but you can still block them internally. It showed me how people could block Reiki if they did not want the love being offered.

So, I worked at cleansing my thoughts about myself, and accepting these two aspects of the God/Goddess. The Ho-ko-oi-liili entered my third eye and glowed like a branding iron. I can picture it there, and feel like I have accepted my holiness and my human-ess at the same time. I realize that I have worth, even though I am not perfect. The Abundance symbol came and hovered over my crown chakra. The second piece to that sign, which is a straight line, glowed like a silver pin. I did not understand what it meant until I saw balloons floating above me. I visualized myself taking the pin and popping the balloons. There were a variety of things falling from Heaven: smiling faces, money, hugs from my children, and other things I value. The symbol still appears to me this way, waiting for me to take the silver needle and manifest my wishes.

The Goddess assures me that I need not feel guilty for wishing for abundance. There is plenty on the good Earth for all her inhabitants. I do not take from others just because I receive things for myself, and if I do not receive, then I won't have the joy of sharing what I have with others. I have known this intellectually for years, but living this truth was another issue. Charging for Reiki services had bothered me for a long time too, as I consider it is God's work, and I am just a conduit for the energies. Freddie made a very poignant statement regarding God's work, "Like who do you think inspires all the writers, musicians, artists, tv and movie directors, etc. when they make all their money?!" Oh yeah. Charging a fee also helps spark the intent and belief that you, the healer, have value to the healee, from both viewpoints. So saying, I do give my earnings' to charity, but make the client pay a reasonable charge per hour. It is a win-win-win situation for all concerned.

When I viewed the Tibetan Fire Serpent at my Level III attunement, the energy of this symbol was so alive I was overwhelmed. I find that my sensitivity to energies has dramatically increased with Shamballa. The tears I continually shed are of pure joy and ecstasy at connecting with the aspects of myself - an incredible Universe within. I felt that this symbol was indeed an old friend, and I went right into channeling mode.

Kundalini fire was the first thing that hit me. I saw and felt a roar of heat in my first chakra that rushed up my spine and blasted through my crown chakra. When looking within myself, I saw a green-eyed dragon curled up at the first chakra. Of course, after he gave me this toothy grin I asked if he was a pet of Freddie's! As I do not practice yoga, I was unaware at that time that this symbol is one that Kundalini students use for meditation.

I believe there is much more to this symbol. There were other things I said at the attunement that I can't remember exactly, like, "Our Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven", and "Thy Will to our Will to Thy Will". In other words, this is the power to manifest our wishes, our thoughts. It represents energy beaming up to Heaven from our very core. The familiar Goddess spiral from below, our lifeforce, weaves up through the chakras to our Transpersonal Point. In drawing this symbol, however, both directions seem equally powerful. There is Divine Will in our destiny, especially if we submit to serving the light, but our free will lets us chose the path.

Our will is the essence of creating what we desire for our selves and for this world. It is important to send the angels our prayers and positive thoughts...they are listening and waiting to help us achieve any goals of light and love. This is the power of the Shamballa Force, the purple ray housed at the City of White at the ethereal home of Shamballa. When Germaine took me to the temple to view the ray, I was overwhelmed with the awesome glory and force of it. I was looking at part of God, a part of myself, and I was humbled by its presence. There are no words to adequately describe my feelings.

Anyway, I meditate on the Tibetan Fire Serpent when I need an energy charge. Within ten seconds, it feels like I've just had a rush from a good cup of coffee! I have not used this one in healing sessions, as it seems more for personal growth and healing, but I stand ready for correction. At attunement, you strengthen these energies within...and then be careful what you wish for!

The Amsui represents another very powerful Shamballa energy, or combination of energies. I do not know what the individual symbols mean, but I will share my view of the whole picture. I believe our guides give us each a lesson in terms that we can understand, and your lesson would be specific to you and to your needs. My experience is to be shared in completion, per Freddie, so get some popcorn!

It was a dark and stormy night. Oh, all right, it wasn't dark and stormy but it was Friday the 13th on a full moon night. I never sleep well on full moons, but I rarely get nightmares. I got a good scary one that woke me up that night around 2a.m., completely soaked and shaking. The short version of the nightmare was that an evil monster was coming through a train window. A mother and her child were sitting at that window seat. After leaping over my seat to try to protect them and push the monster out of the train, I woke up. Lying in bed, I was reviewing my battle and wondered why I hadn't grabbed some object, with which to fight off the creature.

Anyway, I let those thoughts of the nightmare drift off and wondered what I'd do now that I was so wide awake. The clock showed 2:30am. I decided to ask Freddie if he had another lesson for me on the Shamballa symbols. My right hand became very hot; it was over my heart chakra. I saw the Amsui symbols coming down and lining up in a horizontal fashion over my heart. My hand felt very heavy, and there was something pressing down on my heart. There was a feeling that it was burdensome, then the symbols turned into a sword, held by my hand. It was golden and glowing, and a whisper came from somewhere, "This is the sword of responsibility."

I took a gulp, and asked what that meant, quite afraid of the reply. The essence of what I heard' was that "people with the light must share their light and not stand by idly." I started to sob. I had just read Marianne Williamson's book A Return to Love, and was moved by her statement that we fear our light much more than we fear our darkness. I knew this was true in my case. I had to leave the bedroom because I did not want to wake my husband. At my altar downstairs, I continued my vision of a being with great light knighting me with his own huge sword, and mine started to glow even more. I knew I had just surrendered to the service of Heaven. The reason this was such a burden was that I had seen' many lifetimes of service, which had ended in my being either stoned, tortured, hung, burned at the stake, beheaded, or fed to lions. I knew that I had built walls around my heart for protection. That's when I knew what the sword was for.

I held up my sword in front of me and a column of light completely surrounded me. The Archangel Michael had knighted me; I recognized the energy of his protection as I had asked for it several times before. As corny as it sounds, I could only think of the song, "Onward Christian soldiers". The nightmare was there to remind me (or test me) of my courage and moral strength. I know I do not fear death at is the responsibility of bringing my light to the public in life which scares me. I have been a spiritual warrior in seclusion, trying to make a difference in small ways. I had many reservations about publishing this paper, but I knew that I had now surrendered all out-come to Heaven.

Time - the illusion of it - will tell. The Goddess frequently reminds me that I am here only to demonstrate love, and that there are infinite ways to express love. In everyone's life, no matter what job' you have, every moment is an opportunity to show love, to be our best, to be a vessel for the God/Goddess spirit and Divine Will. It is the only thing that truly brings joy. You must have faith and trust that the rest is in your highest and best interest. Surrendering is your fastest path to evolution, to the One. Per the Kabbalah, the Fool card of the Tarot carries the biggest risk, and the biggest reward. It is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the void and the fullness. I have chosen to be the Fool for God/Goddess all there is. The Christ reminds me that nothing can harm my essence, or the essence of those that are engulfed by the Darker Forces. So, be fully aware of the energies you seek, and be ready to be a servant with Amsui.

In my healing sessions I no longer need to call in Michael, but call in Amsui, my own sword, and see myself cutting the psychic ties that are draining the energy of the client. Michael has told me that the sword can also be used to help release psychic ties for the planet, for the Devic Realm. Like Reiki, always use it for the Highest and Best of these beings. After the Amsui, I then use the purple flame to burn away any shadows of evil', followed by connecting the ground or person to the Mahatma energies.

I felt that the energy of the Palm Master Symbol was strong, but was not getting any feelings about its meaning. The paper I got said that the symbol represented unity of Mother Father Source and the I Am Presence. I needed a visual lesson to fully understand, and put a message out for help. This time I woke up at 4 am. Things were looking up Freddie was giving me more sleep. Maybe this would be easier than accepting the AMSUI energies. I was wrong.

I had what I believed at the time to be totally unconnected thoughts to any Shamballa lesson. After waking, I began thinking about a certain prominent leader, and what I would tell him if I had the opportunity. This was someone who had beheaded me in one past life and had killed my best friend in another life. During the past life regressions I had forgiven him, so this time I was thinking of him with only love in my heart. I wanted to share my thoughts on how he could avoid reincarnation (something he desires). I told him that the greatest of all Masters taught their people with love and compassion, not fear. I said that we need leaders to help empower humans to be all they can be. God wants us all to be Masters of self, not Masters of each other. The greatest Master is the one who helps nurture the most Masters. The vision faded.

My thoughts wandered to the Palm Master Symbol, and I started to think about its pieces. The circle reminded of the ball on Isis' headpiece, of God. The spirally shape below always reminds me of the Goddess. I was thinking that perhaps the horizontal swipe was our selves on the Earth plane, when the form straightened out a bit and suddenly looked like a scepter, with a jewel on top. Someone was trying to hand it to me. Freddie was trying to give me a robe and crown to match, and I promptly said, "no way". I had a fleeting thought that a simple white drape -as Jesus wore- would be more appropriate as God's servant. The vision changed of me being in this garment, and the scepter had changed into a staff. It reminded me of Moses and immediately I gasped.

This is the staff of God the Father, of Goddess the Mother and of the Son. (This has always been my belief of the Holy trinity.) I did not take the staff. The being of light with the scepter gently said, "But you have accepted entering God's service. Would you question His will now?" Darn that sword, I thought. I asked what He wished of me. The being became the face of Jesus and spoke, "That you help lead others home." Lead? Me? I'd rather fight off a dozen monsters than be told to lead. To which he said, "You have just told a spiritual leader how you would lead people, did you not?" The flood of tears started. It took me three days to accept the staff, and whatever would follow.

The notes from a 1''8 channeling by Krijn Koetsveld of Djwhal Khul talk about this symbol being used to download information appropriate to everyone, and that it is not in it's full activated power. I feel that this channeling ties in with my vision that the Master Palm Symbol is the word of the Father/Mother/Son. The staff or rod is a metaphor for that connection to greater wisdom and knowing. Moses harnessed that power of the staff to be the voice of God, and to lead his people home. Moses was taught the Kabbalah by his father-in-law, who embodied the soul of St. Germaine. Those who accept and integrate with this symbol must be ready to help lead others to the light.

The Holy Grail

Another revelation occurred the moment I saw myself holding the staff and thinking of Moses. The Tarot Deck. The staff represented Rods or Wands, element of fire. (The Burning Bush, lightning) I believe the Amsui is the Sword, and The Seed of Life is the Pentacles. When I was trying to think about the Cups symbol, I dismissed the Motor-Zanon as this sign, even though I saw it as a cup with a corkscrew. It did not feel powerful enough to be the symbol which represents the Radiant Heart of Christ. I am reticent to say that at that moment, Jesus offered me a sip from his Holy Grail! I had such a big lump in my throat that I had difficulty taking a sip. It was like light flowing out of the cup, filling my being. This is the true Cup of love the Christ offers the world. It is there for all humanity.

I was told to draw this as a 2D cup since we have not learned to draw in 3D fashion, or to picture it in your mind in 3D, pouring the sparkle of love from the chalice. When I finally got a picture that felt right, a ball of light was sitting in the Cup. I know that Jesus holds the world in his heart, and thought that the ball was the Earth. As I discuss in The Grand Design paragraph at the end of the paper, I now realize the golden ball is His Pure Essence. Little did I know that when I put this symbol on my altar Christmas Eve that I was to experience what that felt like. (It took me awhile to get that whenever I put something on my altar, I have an energetic experience of it.)

As I was lying in bed on 1/24/00, I remember distinctly thanking all my spirits and guides and masters who had helped me on my journey. When I was sending blessings to the Shamballa masters, their purple light entered the room and I felt my heart expanding to hold them close. Very Grinch-like, the heart expansion! Then, I remember trying to give Gaia a Christmas hug, and felt my heart opening so wide it was a bit frightening. The whole world was inside my heart, and I knew this was how Christ held us all. Now, I feel the World is inside me, and I can give it heart hugs all the time! And as I meet the beings from many planets and many dimensions, my heart expands to fit them in. I understand how God/Goddess feels for their creation, and I think lovingly of all things as brothers and sisters, children of the One.

As far as healing purposes, I picture seeing the healer pouring the love from the Cup into the chakras, most especially the heart. Yes, this symbol is for the heart. I have used it a few times, and I can tell you that the Cup is the most powerful love of Christ his body and soul. It is overwhelming the unconditional love that pours out and fills the room and the soul we are healing.

I have also tried pouring this light into the waters of the Earth as part of my efforts to help the planet. The Cup of Love and Light is a beautiful addition to your symbol collection as you open to the Christ consciousness, awakened by the Mahatma energy. Blessed is the Grand Master. He has also given me Holy Communion, an offering of his body and blood. His golden thread, his voice, his song, his awareness, is now activated within my heart. The Christ within comes forth to help with healings, and that magical aspect of me helps to make miracles happen.


I'm sure no Reiki Master has lost the irony' that Harry Potter has a Raku symbol burned into his forehead! I certainly have enjoyed this sign from what I now term Angel Productions Unlimited'. These are the endless ways that the Heavens send us messages through movies, music, books, television shows, etc. For Harry, this lightning bolt has given him the ability and awareness to fight the evil Voldemort. (Yes, to name the fear is the first step to eliminate it!)

The Raku symbolizes our perfection as radio receivers of the frequencies between Heaven and Earth, in this bi-polar reality. In Frank Dorland's book, Holy Ice, Mr. Dorland describes the human body as a super antenna. To quote, "Mother Nature has equipped the human body with three of four essential components of a fine radio receiving system. The necessary four components are the antenna, the tuner, the amplifier and the reproduction system, which, in a radio, are the speakers. The body with its complex electrical network of nerves and high moisture content is a sensitive antenna system capable of receiving signals from an uncountable variety of sources. The human mind may be the most selective tuning system known. The brain (which is not the mind) is an admirable reproduction system, which can then employ the five senses to interpret received signals. The single missing component is the amplifier, which is needed to boost signal strength. Ancient man discovered that quartz crystal boosted vague intuitions out of the dim mists into reality that sometimes could be seen, hear, felt, smelled and tasted."

What I realized instantly, was that Mr. Dorland had missed our perfection. We humans do possess a signal amplifier. It is our heart. As we buff and polish the 12 pointed star that is our crystal heart, the Universal energy in our healings will be like the Christ's. His pure heart of unconditional love was his amplifier of God's energy, boosting his perception of the wisdom and love of the Father. Jesus, in human form, was a pure receiver for Gods light. The purer our hearts become, the more powerful the Reiki energy. I know that when my heart opens to loving the soul that is on that message table, the energy flowing through me is much more intense.

Although the Raku is only used now in attunements to ground energy and separate the auras of Master and student, the use of the Raku may evolve as we evolve. As we tune into the multitude of frequencies, more of our brain mass will be needed to interpret the multi-sensory signals we will be receiving from other dimensions. I believe this is beginning to happen now with many people.

The Atlantean Master Symbol is supposed to be used in place of the Dai Ku Myo, but I honestly feel no difference between the Usui version and the Shamballa version. (I do not use the traditional version of the Dai Ku Myo.). The only new thing for me is seeing the symbol in 3D form, so perhaps it is connecting to aspects in other dimensions that I can not sense. Although we are bi-polar beings on earth, our essence is not. Spirals represent many things in cultures including the Goddess, I believe this symbol means the journey within ourselves. It opens up the spiritual level and helps put people on the path home. My feeling is that the corkscrew (mini Master Symbol?) part of the symbol strengthens our connection with our higher guide us on the spiritual path of healing. I see it going within the vortex of the spiral like a lightening bolt, to the core.

Last, and certainly not least, is The Seed of Life, The Egg of Life and the Flower of Life. I will start by relaying my experience at my Shamballa Master Attunement.

As Linda was finishing my attunement, my guide Freddie handed me a candle...with a purple flame. I thanked him and sat down to wait for the next person to have her attunement. This was the first time that I sensed or saw' energy forms that were not humanoid, but swirls of purple energy which filled the room. (I insulted them by thinking they reminded me of ghosts.) I see the Mahatma energies as a collection of energies of high frequency with very strong light, love and joy. They come into the room serenely like a purple blanket.

When we meditated on the Seed of Life, the energies took the form of a flower, and a fairy put this 2 dimensional flower hat' on my head. I took it off to look at it, and it became a 3 dimensional sphere, like bubbles of light...then the bubbles disappeared and I was left to ponder the event. I did not see an Antahkarana as part of the shape, but I do feel the centers were like bright stars. It was only recently that I began to piece together the meaning of these two symbols.

The only time I had seen anything like these bright bubbles, was when I connected to my Essence Self. Diane Stein talks about the Essence Self as the Star Self in her book, We Are the Angels. I had used Diane's method to put me in touch with this aspect of myself, who came to me as a most beautiful angel. To make a long story short, I ended up following this angel home to her planet (my place of origin perhaps). She became a bright light in a floating sphere, and I knew this was her true form. My point on all this is that The Seed of Life is our true self, our essence or purest form at birth. The Flower of Life shows that all these seeds are interconnected, which includes life in other dimensions. This would mean that our space brothers and sisters are also part of The Flower of Life. If you are truly a Shamballa Master, you must extend unconditional love to the Universe, even 'alien' beings. Remember that we are all alien, in the sense that we are away from our starting point, that of the God/Goddess. Those of us who chose Earth as our school yard get to play and learn in human form. All life everywhere is evolving, trying to find their path and their purpose.

I had another experience at the attunement, which links into the Flower of Life. Linda had taped some copper life rings together to make a cube, each ring being about 2 feet in diameter. As she was finishing, I knew that they were for space travel. As I gazed at one ring, whoosh, off I went into my Egyptian life and began to reenact my death scene. I had to pull myself back to the class, and was glad when Linda removed the rings. The other student had also seen a past life. All I could think of was the movie Contact, in which the character played by Jodie Foster left her body for a multi-dimensional journey inside this capsule which was built following 3D instruction language! (Sound familiar?) More hints from "Angel Productions" to help us link the multi-dimensional language of Shamballa to our abilities. It took me about two hours to feel myself totally back into my body. The Level IV attunement activated those energy strands which connected me to other dimensions of time and space...represented by The Flower of Life. I believe that the last insight that James Redfield may discover' will be related to our inter-dimensional selves. May your lessons and lifetimes bear fruit and take you home again to the Universe within.

The Grand Design

This symbol came into group discussion on a Shamballa email list. To me, it represents the grand design for Earth's ascension. Although the information is still coming forward to us by the Masters, I will share what I know and have experienced. I have realized that the ball, which is golden, represents the God energies including that of the Christ consciousness. The globe in the chalice was his essence, offered to humanity. The triangle I believe is the Goddess aspects of the Creator, that which would receive. It is the silver essence of the Mahatma energies coming from the Source.The pyramids on the Goddess Gaia, our planet, receive the beam of energy from Source and magnify its affects on the planet. When I call in the Mahatma energy, I am told to create a pyramid over people or a land area first. Then I envision or call in the ball of golden light, which descends into the pyramid. As it touches the pyramid, lightning shoots through the pyramid into the ground or the body of the person to activate their sacred geometry for their enlightenment. This sacred geometry is in all life forms, as it was created in the basic atoms of the elementals.

The Mother Earth is preparing to take her ascension to the next level. Where there are no pyramids in place, my colleagues and I are being led to visualize them, so that the energy can ground itself. We are also grounding energy through our beings of light and love. We can all help the planet by healing ourselves and becoming all that we are. This is the opportunity we have today, part of the grand design that has been planned since Atlantis.

Personal Notes

I am a wife and mother of two active boys, and do a lot of volunteer work as well. Finding time and making sacred space for a spiritual journey can be challenging. If you are a Reiki practitioner or considering it, you almost need a warrior attitude to follow through and let nothing stop you. Being shown your fears and your holiness are indeed challenges to your inner being.

The effort to reach for my true self has been worth it. I appreciate life and give prayers of gratitude every day. Helping myself and helping others has been my salvation. I credit my intent "to be the best I can be" for my transformation. Intent is what counts, not the method. It could have been Kaballah that connected me to Source, or any religion or set of rituals. I happened to come home with Usui and Shamballa Reiki, Shamanism, reading, meditating and prayer. I have come home because I needed to, and asked for help. Then I listened to the onslaught of messages and let myself be guided.

In surrendering to the Universe I have realized that I have NOT surrendered my free will. I have gained more control of my life than ever before, because they are helping to make manifest my will. My life flows easily and with very little stress, and I know that even a 'bad' event has its silver lining. I sprained my ankle badly last fall, but knew right away that it was a gift to give myself time to be at home and to complete the first draft of this paper. I just told Freddie that next time I subconsciously ask for personal time, to please give my car a flat tire instead!

I will attempt to help anyone who has questions on Shamballa. I do not pose to know all the answers...not at all. Your best answers are within yourselves. Being attuned and stating intention to evolve is empowering yourself to be the catalyst in your own healing, your own evolution. There are many web sites and email lists of a spiritual nature to give you support and information. We also have incredible support from our dis-incarnate friends, as well. When you open up your heart and your mind, you can be in touch with them if you are not already. I have great fun chatting with my invisible' friends, and as I said, would feel lost and alone without them.

A special thanks to my family, my dear friends and Reiki support group for giving me the space and the support to make my way home'. May the Force be with you!

Respectfully submitted by:
Jan Harkey
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