What is intuition?

Here are some definitions:

  • "The body/spirit's natural ability to guide and protect itself." - Anthony Gregorc

  • "..'vibes' ...a subtle, vibrating energy that centered in the heart and moved outward to the stomach, the gut, the chest, the throat. Like waves of direction getting our attention." - p. 6, Choquette in The Wise Child

  • "Intuition is often called your sixth sense. Sometimes is is called instinct or common sense. Intuition is how your brain uses your other five senses ... to help you know or figure out things." (p. 4) "intution - Knowing or figuring out something by relying on a strong feeling or sense." (p. 23 - Glossary) - Hurwitz, The Library of the Five Senses & the Sixth Sense

  • "Intuition is inner knowledge subtlely brought conscious. It is 'gut feelings' which include warnings or guidance from another dimension. This may come from our higher selves or other spirit guidance." - Wendy Chapman

The Three Stages of Nurturing Intuition

  1. ) Awakening your personal intuitive awareness. Sharpen and expand your own awareness.

  2. ) Embrace intuition when it shows up in our lives. Trust the guidance of your inner teacher. Accept its counsel as a deeply felt and welcome influence in your life and home.

  3. ) Ask the Universe for intuitive support. Integrate intuition as an important and desirable influence in making decisions.

    This information is from The Wise Child: A Spiritual Guide to Nurturing Your Child's Intuition by Sonia Choquette, 1999, NY, Three Rivers Press, a division of Random House.