Crystals are very useful in healing and are often used in Shamballa healing. If you are new to using crystals and want to get a few that will be useful for healing, I would suggest the following -- 6 Quartz pyramids, a handful of Quartz points, some Fluorite, and a stone or two in the matching colors of each chakra:

Hematite and/or Red Jasper for the root chakra (red/dark),
Carnelian, Tiger's Eye, or Orange Calcite for the sacral chakra (orange),
Citrine or Golden Selenite for the solar plexus chakra (yellow),
Rose quartz or Rhodochrosite and Malachite or Aventurine for the heart chakra (pink and green),
Chrysocolla or Turquoise for the throat chakra (aqua),
Lapis Lazuli or Sodalite for the third eye (indigo-blue),
Amethyst and Quartz for the crown chakra (lavendar/white).

Now what you do with the colored chakra stones is to place them on your body over the correct chakra points and then go into meditation. It will help realign your body.

It's also very nice to have a Quartz wand and nice specimens of other rocks/crystals that you really like. As you get more involved with crystals, you may want to get six large Quartz points - four inches or longer and fairly thick. It's also good to have a piece of blue Kyanite and several sticks of white Selenite. If you are going to do mandalas, get 13 pieces of Moonstone and 20 pieces of Citrine (small polished ones are fine).


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