How to Co-Create

"Co-creation" is another way of saying "manifestation", or making your wishes come true. Can it happen? Yes! Does it take animal sacrifice and chanting rituals? No! Is it witchcraft? Absolutely not. Many people regularly co-create to get parking spaces closer to the grocery store or mall, but if can be done for almost anything that is for the highest good. Also, this is most effective when doing it for yourself; that is, changing things that will benefit oneself. It is not as easy to affect others. You can help someone by sending healing energy to them, but what they will do with the energy is up to them. It is also most important to do what is in the Universe's highest good. Do not try to cause harm with this method. It won't work. If you are in fear, co-create for self-protection and peace, but do not try to harm the object of fear or it may bounce back on you.

When you co-create, you are making your desires/wills come true by co-creating with your higher self/Divine Spirit, or with The Source/Creator/AllThatIs. One formulates a statement of what she wishes to happen and states it clearly. The pattern I use, which is suggested by Kryon (though others would surely work, too) is, "I co-create in the name of Spirit, that I will get this job (or whatever you want to happen) if it be in the Universe's highest and best good." The caveat at the end is because well - there might be a good reason for you not to get that job. Maybe the boss would be terrible or you have something better coming along next month.

Continue to state the co-creation statement aloud if possible- so your own body/spirit can hear it, feel it vibrate within you, and then feel the thing you want inside you.. the feeling you will have when you get it. (It is probably not necessary to say it out loud, but I find it helps if it's possible to do this.) Make your body/mind/spirit feel it has happened and truly believe it. This sets the manifestation into the causal (aka consensus) plane of reality, which must happen before it manifests in the physical. According to Abraham ( website), the steps are 1) Realize what you don't want. 2) Realize what you do want. 3) Feel what you want as though it has happened. 4) Let it happen. It's the same process. Don't state what you DON'T want to happen, state what you do want.

I used this method to get on the plane coming back from Albuquerque. One of my flights was overbooked with more than 40 confirmed seats over and I was standby. If I didn't get on I'd have six hours waiting in the airport until the next flight and my roommate would similarly be stucking in Boston waiting that time out. I didn't want that. I wanted to get on this flight that I was standby for. Since I had gotten up in the morning I had been saying to myself, "I co-create, in the name of Spirit, to get on this plane, if it be in the Universe's highest good."

The situation looked hopeless as more and more stragglers came from other flights and took their seats. As soon as they called a name to release their seats, two or three more people arrived. There were at least ten of us waiting to go standby. When a family of seven showed up, there was an audible groan and everyone glanced at each other in a sudden increases of fear and dismay. The gate crew then announced that the plane was full and probably none of us would get on. Some people started to leave, but then they added, "But don't leave yet.. you never know."

The older woman beside me was frantic that she wouldn't be able to get wherever she was going because the shuttles didn't run that late if she took the next flight six hrs later, and that flight was even more overbooked she said. She was nearly in tears. I told her we'd get on this flight, that she needed to think positive. She really didn't believe me, so I told her that I was confirmed on the next flight so that if I got on this flight that she'd have more chance of getting on the next one if she didn't make the current one. That cheered her up a bit. She still had huge resistance to the idea that we'd possibly get on this one.

Another young man behind me was shaking his head in disappointment. I turned and said, "Don't worry, you'll make it. We'll get on." I was constantly co-creating silently to myself VERY strongly. I pictured my last name being called, "Passenger CHAPMAN, please come to the gate," and me getting up and boarding the plane.

Finally, the image I'd been holding happened. They called my name and I got up and boarded. The frantic woman got on right behind me. She was astounded. I was not. I was gleeful, though. I got one of the last three seats. Only one of the three was non-exit row (which I need since the seat dividers don't go up on those and I don't fit).

When I was about 12 years old I came across this book on the power of positive thinking using affirmations. What you did was state the thing as if you had it already like this, "I, Wendy, am going on a trip to Hawaii." You had to repeat each one about a hundred times a day til it felt really ingrained and you started to believe it. I gobbled it up and instead of trying the recommended number of two or three affirmations at a time, I did about 20. Not everything came to pass, BUT I did get to go on the co-created trip to Hawaii within a year, lost 20 pounds, got into shape, and won a couple times at the state lottery. For some reason, I still thought it was all coincidence and didn't continue. Hmm.

What would you like to co-create in your life?

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