Channeling means receiving messages from Spirit, allowing yourself to receive and tune into them - like tuning a channel on your television. You may have seen a movie or heard about people called channels who go into a deep trance and another being seems to speak from them - perhaps even in a different accent or language and telling of things that the person doesn't even know about. This is one form of channeling called trance channeling and is really the most extreme or rather, unusual kind. Please don't think that this is the only kind of channeling or let it freak you out.

Let me explain. Have you ever had an idea that solved a problem just come from seemingly nowhere? Or a great creative idea suddenly come to you - the "AHA" moment? That is another kind of channeling. The muses are the spirits that sometimes connect with us to give us creative inspiration - to make music, art, stories, poetry, etc. When I cook if I get a bright idea of how to combine ingredients, I say that I channeled it. If a friend who's never sewn before sits down at a sewing machine and suddenly knows how to sew perfectly, I say he's channeling grandmothers :) Channeling can come many many forms.

Typically, however, the term channeling doesn't mean just receiving intuitions or psychic visions, although that does mean your channel is open and on; typically channeling refers to being wide open enough to receive a full message from spirit for others. This is usually received as something that can be communicated with words or translated into words. Some people who channel can allow the spirit to speak through them as they are receiving. Some receive it all at once and then proceed to write it. Others can do automatic writing and allow the spirit to type or hand write through their body.

When the person seems to disappear and another energy takes over their body, it is called "Trance Channeling". This kind of channeling seems very unusual and many people think the channeller is just acting. I used to think so, too. Then I saw a friend do this. It was at a class on Earth Healing and he went into trance and he became an indian medicine man. I mean he had the voice tone and spoke 'in tongues'. He did a dance around this girl who was in a deep depression and he shook invisible rattles at her and sang prayers at her. When he was done, he sat down and kind of collapsed. He didn't know what had happened, but he was fine. The girl had a very rapid healing. Shortly after that I performed a medicine wheel ceremony and there were only 3 people present. Since it takes 4 usually, I moved to the 4th spot and went into meditation. I invited a spirit of light to come in and speak through me. I found myself talking in the name of a spirit called Miranda in a slightly different voice and saying some really amazing prayers for the world that I hadn't consciously thought of. I had a vague awareness of it while it was happening, but not full recollection. The people who were present were really amazed by it. Since then I have received other messages while in meditation, some of which are listed here - Channelings by Wendy

You don't have to worry about full trance channeling just happening to you if you don't want it to. You would have to give permission to go out of body and let the spirit take over. You don't have to do that to channel, though. You can stay in there and filter the message and be what is called a "Conscious Channel". This way you are present and still have "root" or control over your body and what happens to you. Personally I find this safer and preferable. An example of a fairly well known conscious channeler is Lee Carroll for Kryon.

If you are going to attempt to channel, I do recommend that you protect yourself first. Call on the white light and say a prayer to whoever you pray to. State that only energies of the light may enter your space and that energies not of the light are NOT welcome and do not have permission to be there. I recommend defining the space as well - like a medicine wheel, a pentagram, or a merkaba. Put crystals at the vertices and send out any negative energy and then call in positive energy into it. Once you're ready and in a calm, centered state of being, invite the spirits to come speak to you, but be clear that you only want an energy of the highest light and wisdom to speak through you. If you are looking for information about a specific subject, ask for an expert on that topic. When you feel a connection, ask the entity to identify himself. (He/him is used here, but the entity could be masculine or feminine energy or neutral.) Sometimes he will just started 'talking', but you should stop him and request a name or something you can call him - an "ident". If he refuses to give one, do not continue to talk with him or even to listen. Tell him to go away if he won't openly tell you who it is - and wait for another or try again another time. Note- you may receive the 'ident' as a color or light pattern instead of a word and that is ok as long as you can envision it in order to contact the spirit again. If you feel you have a confirmed 'ident', but you want a verbal name, you can create a name for it and ask him if it is acceptable.

Once contact and ident is established, be prepared to receive and to ask questions. It's good to prepare in advance a way to record the information - a small tape recorder and/or some paper and a pen is helpful. Actually both is good in case you're given an image or symbols. Write down the time and date you receive the information. Often the entities will want you to share the information, so be prepared. Feel free to send it to me if you want me to consider sharing it on Metagifted.Org or with my mailing lists.

I suggest you channel for no more than 15 minutes or so the first few times. It can be exhausting. When you are done or feel drained or when the timer goes off, tell the spirit you need to stop for the day. You can set up another appointment with them if you want or just tell them you'll call their ident. when you're ready again. I have read that they like it if you come at the same time every day, but I don't know if it's true. Thank them for coming and formally release them. Then thank and release the other energies you called on for protection. I suggest you then do something to ground yourself such as drink some water or eat something, or hold onto some hematite or go for a walk outside. Good luck!

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