Schoolwide Enrichment Model

The Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM) was developed by Dr. Renzulli and Dr. Reis, currently professors at the University of Connecticut in the mid 70's. It is now the most popular model of gifted education in the world, however it is important to note that this not only serves the gifted population, but also provides enrichment to the entire school population.

SEM includes both organizational and service delivery components. Organizational components would include staff development, curriucular materials, the schoolwide enrichment team and the schoolwide enrichment specialist, parent orientation and involvement, and a democratic school management plan. The service delivery components include Total Talent Portfolio, curriculum modification techniques, and the enrichment learning and teaching (Types I, II, and III). Here is the graphic of the model.

Enrichment Learning and Teaching, a service-delivery component of the model, includes the following three types of activities:

Type I - Introduction to new exploratory material which includes whole school assemblies, guest speakers in a classroom or pull-out class, enrichment subjects that aren't regular subjects or topics

Type II- Group training of methodology, or how-to do it = How to do research, how to interview subjects, how to behave like a practitioner in their chosen field of interest. Also includes creativity training and critical thinking skills.
Type II Enrichment Summary

Type III- The big projects = Independent Investigations of real world problems. Must include a Process, a Product, and an Audience to share results with.


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