Dabrowski's Theory of Overexcitabilities

Overexcitabilities are a high abundance or an over-excitement of energy and response to a minor stimulus that would not have similar effects on all children. Profoundly gifted people often have several of these overexcitabilities, as do indigo children and adults. Indigos will most commonly have the imaginational, sensory, and emotional OE's as they're called.
  • Intellectual - high curiosity, interested in many things, good concentration, problem solving ability

  • Imaginational - very dramatic, can visualize well, great imaginations, have imaginary friends when young

  • Emotional - very moody and can change from moment to moment, cry easily, have high anxiety, react strongly to any changes in environment

  • Psychomotor - rapid speech pattern, have a surplus of energy and nervous habits, impulsive actions, can't sit still

  • Sensual - enjoy sensory pleasures, textures, tastes, can't stand tags in clothing or "ugly" colors. Avoid overstimulation.

This Theory of Overexcitabilities in advanced person was by Kazimierz Dabrowski (1902 - 1980). It is part of his more comprehensive Theory of Positive Disintegration, which is a personality theory that in summary said that to develop to higher levels of ability one has to break down current belief systems first. Dabrowski's Theory of Overexcitabilities has being discussed at many of the national (US) and regional conferences on gifted education in the last few years.

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