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Want to know what's coming for you? Like a little insight about your current situation or your future? Want to know if your new boyfriend is right for you? See what the cards say! I'm now offering tarot readings and other oracles. Check out the new kind of layout I channeled - the Holistic Whole Body Reading, explained below. If you're seeking more of a general psychic reading, please see the Psychic Readings section.

Fees and Options

Full readings (ie. Celtic Cross or Holistic Whole Body Reading, other spreads available by request) - $40 via email (preferred), $55 online, $75 phone. These take about 1-2 hrs to do the spread, interpret it, and type it all up for you.

Mini readings (3 cards such as Past, Present, Future (one level) or 4 directions) are $20 via email, $30 online, $40 phone. Email me director@metagifted.orgto request a reading. Let me know if you have a topic area or want a general reading.


I connect to your energy using Shamballa distance healing techniques. For best accuracy, I need your full name, location (city/state) and age. If you have a digital photo you can send, that helps, too, but is not required. I also use the energy to pull cards for you and to read them. I use a combination of the traditional card meaning and intuitive interpretations. Follow up counseling and answers to questions about the reading (via email) is also available for $15-.

Holistic Whole Body Reading

I channeled a new kind of tarot reading spread and method that covers the past, present, and future on the four bodies - physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual. I had a vision of this layout showing 9 cards in a grid. I use three different decks, a different deck that represents each body. For the Physical body I use the New Aquarian deck which we call "Affinity". It's a deck we've used for years and has always given very accurate readings. This deck doesn't pull any punches. For the Emotional and Mental level I use the Shapeshifter Tarot. This is the perfect bridge between physical and spiritual. For the Spiritual body I use the Osho Zen deck. This gives very spiritual based esoteric readings. For each deck I pull a card for Past, for Present, and for Future. I shuffle each deck three times and then pull the cards randomly while connectly strongly to your energy.

I have had the most incredible readings with this layout! Sometimes what happens is that I've gotten the same card on more than one level in the same placement. Ie. In the PAST position I got the Rebirth/Transformation (aka Death) card for both emotional/mental and spiritual. About 3 weeks later in the Present positions for the same two levels I received again cards that represented Rebirth. This has happened so many times not just for me but also for clients. The odds of this is so mathematically astronomical and really shows me that something is happening here much more than chance. Sometimes we see not the same card in the same position, but one level ahead. Ie. conflict on the past in the physical, conflict in the present in the emotional or the reverse. Usually the levels mirror each other, but sometimes they are very different and you can see the person may not be recognizing what is going on in their minds or their spirits may be far advanced from their physical situation. I highly recommend this kind of reading - because it's working so well and it's the one I'm best at doing!

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