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cover The Complete Idiot's Guide to Indigo ChildrenThe Complete Idiot's Guide to Indigo Children
by Wendy H. Chapman and Carolyn Flynn, published August 2007

Parenting Indigo Children can be demanding. This book co-authored by our very own Wendy Chapman offers insight and examples to help parents coping with the unique challenges posed by raising an Indigo. Turn those challenges into opportunities. Allow Wendy to share with you her years of experience working with Indigo children and their parents.

I have a B.S. in Psychology and a year's worth of Master level work in Counseling which I did my last year of my B.S. after I took every class in psychology that my college offered. My MA is actually in Educational Psychology, though all of that work was in gifted education. I am not licensed as a psychologist or certified in social work. However, with that understanding, I do think I can help with spiritual counseling and guidance. Please understand that this is not religious, in my opinion, but more about spirit and metaphysics. Some of you are feeling stuck in your lives and not sure why or how to move ahead. I can help teach you how to co-create things and how to manifest health and abundance in your lives. I can help you figure out what you want to do with your life and to start to bring positive things into your life.

If you are experiencing unusual metaphysical or psychic skills - or your child is, and do not understand them, I can help you figure them out and work with you to develop them. I can teach you ways to protect your energy and can help get rid of negative entities and energy attacks. I can also help you learn to use crystals for healing and other things. Are you having big problems that might be karmic in nature? You can change that!

I highly recommend reading the Kryon books. These are transcripts of the channelings of Kryon by Lee Carroll. These really teach you many things about how to deal with spiritual change in your life. That's the perspective with which I am approaching this sort of counseling, along with my Shamballa training.

I can provide counseling services via email, online chat, or phone. I'm not currently offering in-person services due to lack of space. I will work directly with adults, children, or families. Please use the shopping cart buttons below to directly pay for and register for a counseling appointment. Email me if you prefer to pay by check or money order. If you pay for email counseling, please email me with the issues you are having questions about after you send payment. Thank you!

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