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What Is Included

My Psychic Readings are a combination of Shamballa, Tarot, and visions. Readings include a chakra reading and brief energy healing, aura reading, animal totems, channeled message, and a tarot or faery oracle reading. Typically I use the Faery Oracle (by Brian Froud) and do a five card spread (mental-air, emotional-water, physical-Earth, spiritual-ether, and passion-fire). You may request a regular tarot if preferred.

Info Needed

I request the following information to connect effectively with your energy: full name, age, location (city/state), and if possible (but not required) a recent digital picture that clearly shows your face and eyes. Please include this information in the payment note or in separate email. Once I have your information your reading goes into the queue and can expect your reading in up to a week, on average.

Email readings take about 1-2 hrs to prepare. Online and phone readings last about 30 minutes (and take about an hour preparation). If you are unable to use the payment buttons below, please email me for the address to send a check. Payment prior to services is required.

Urgent Readings

The average queue for readings is about a week. If your reading is urgent, however, I suggest you choose one of the faster reading options. Please email to make sure I'm available to do an urgent or emergency reading before paying. I am now offering two speed reading options. The "Urgent Reading" option delivers your readings in 2-3 days (within 72 hrs) and the "Emergency Reading" option delivers your reading in 1 day (24 hrs). This means I will pre-empt the rest of the queue to complete your reading more quickly. The time is counted from the time I receive the payment and all the information needed to do the reading. If I don't manage to get it done by then, I will refund you the difference between this and the next level. If you pay for an emergency reading I will do what I can to literally drop everything and do your reading next on my agenda. Please note - If you purchase a reading for a friend or loved one, I will need permission from them to do the reading.

See a Sample Psychic Reading.

Fees and Options

Readings via email are $50 (Regular - Approx. 7 days), $100 (Urgent - 2-3 day), $150 (Emergency - 1 day). Online chat readings are $50. Phone readings are $75 (half hour), or can be combined for the best deal with an indigo consultation for $125 (over an hour total).

Please see our tarot page to see the other types of tarot readings available.

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