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cover The Complete Idiot's Guide to Indigo ChildrenThe Complete Idiot's Guide to Indigo Children
by Wendy H. Chapman and Carolyn Flynn, published August 2007

Parenting Indigo Children can be demanding. This book co-authored by our very own Wendy Chapman offers insight and examples to help parents coping with the unique challenges posed by raising an Indigo. Turn those challenges into opportunities. Allow Wendy to share with you her years of experience working with Indigo children and their parents.

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First of all, if you don't know what Indigo Children are, please see the Indigo Children Topic. To summarize, Indigo Children are the new generation of children who are very talented or gifted in one or more ways, on a higher level of spiritual understanding right from the start, often misdiagnosed with attention deficit disorder, and often have difficulty dealing with authority and systems. They're very important to the development of the world.. and they're often ignored and/or not given the permission to do what they know they need to. That is a VERY simplified way to put it.

I am so glad you found us at Metagifted.Org ! I hope the information and resources are helpful to you. If you are looking for more personal assistance with your Indigo child or yourself such as counseling or consultation, I am more than willing to help you, but my time is limited. Please note that I do this professionally. This is what I do to support myself and my family. The information itself is free and I put as much on the site as I can, but my time is limited and valuable and it does take time and effort to do individual counseling/consulting.

I am a certified teacher with 14 years experience in gifted education and I have a Master's degree in educational psychology. I am also a Shamballa Reiki Master Teacher. I have chosen to be self-employed and have created Metagifted Education Resource Organization ( in order to help indigo children and their families and indigo adults with my time, energy, and expertise.

Counseling and consultation services are available via online chat, phone, and email. The phone consultation fee is $100/hr. Online chat is $75/hr. In consultations I am more direct with advice and can tell you how your child is displaying indigo nature and how you can address this specifically. Counseling is the more traditional style in which you are led to figure it out on your own, but my counseling has a holistic bent and addresses the whole person - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I do offer discounts for long term counseling and a sliding scale for low income families.

I also will take money orders or checks for any of these services, but payment is due in advance unless you are a regular client and have established credit with me. Please email me for address if you will be sending payment via check.

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