Have you heard about the Indigo Children? This is very interesting information for teachers and parents!

The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived
by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober
ISBN 1561706086

Find it on Amazon.

Children of the New Millennium: Children's Near-Death Experiences and the Evolution of Humankind
by P.M.H. Atwater, Lh.D.
ISBN 0-609-80309-3, $14.00
1999, Three Rivers Press, NY

The Millennium Children: Tales of the Shift
by Caryl Dennis with Parker Whitman
ISBN 0-9627845-1-6
1997, Rainbows Unlimited, Clearwater, FL

Here is the quintessential reference book for educators of the gifted and talented. You have to have this one!

The Schoolwide Enrichment Model: A How-To Guide for Educational Excellence
by Sally M. Reis and Joseph S. Renzulli
ISBN 0936386703

You can find this at Amazon.

Developing and Increasing Intuitive Thinking: Activity Cards to Help Gifted Students Explore Their Intuitive Thinking
by Dorothy Ann Sisk
1991, Trillim Press, Unionville, NY

Some books for teaching imagery and visualization skills:

Using Imagery in Creative Problem Solving
by Michael T. Bagley
ISBN 0-89824-104-9
1999, Royal Fireworks Press, NY.

200 Ways of Using Imagery in the Classroom
by Michael T. Bagley & Karin K. Hess
ISBN 0-89824-084-0
1984, Trillium Press, Unionville, NY

Math Enrichment Books

Math for Humans: Teaching Math through the 8 Intelligences
by Mark Wahl

Unit Origami: Multidimensional Transformations
by Tomoko Fuse'
ISBN 0-87040-852-6
1990 Japan Publications, Inc., Tokyo and NY

Developing Students' Multiple Intelligences
by Krisen Nicholsen-Nelson
ISBN 0-590-93101-6
1998, Scholastic Inc, Jefferson City, MO

Teaching Meditation to Children: A Practical Guide to the Use and Benefits of Meditation Techniques
by David Fontana & Ingrid Slack
1997, Element Books Ltd, Shaftesbury, Dorset, Great Britain

Free at Last: The Sudbury Valley School
by Daniel Greenberg
1987, Sudbury Valley School Press, Framingham, MA