Recommended Books for Children

Sara and the Foreverness of Friends of a Feather: An inspired narrative of a child's experiential journey into the knowingness that all is well. (It really is.)
by Esther and Jerry Hicks and Abraham
ISBN 0-9621219-4-0, $15.00
1995, Abraham-Hicks Publications, San Antonio, TX
chapter book with pictures

Quest for the Crystal Castle: A peaceful warrior children's book
by Dan Millman, illustrated by T. Taylor Bruce
ISBN 0-915811-41-3, $14.95
1992, H.J. Kramer, Inc, Starseed Press, Tiburon, CA

The Library of the Five Senses & the Sixth Sense: Intuition
by Sue Hurwitz
ISBN 0-531-11657-3, $9.00
1998, Franklin Watts, The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc., Danbury, CT
nonfiction children's picture book which defines what intuition is and how it works

The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventure
by James Redfield
ISBN 0-446-51862-X, $19.95 US
1993, Warner Books, NY, NY

The Parables of Kryon
by Kryon, channeled by Lee Carroll
ISBN 1-56170-364-8, $17.00 US
1996, Hay House, Inc., Carlsbad, CA

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