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Origami can be made into any shape and already carries the earth energy being paper made from trees. Origami cranes are the energy of air and traditionally in oriental culture they represent a wish of healing and peace. Each crane I make is infused with Shamballa and Reiki energy as is the entire mobile when complete. Different colors can help call on different energies as well. The blue range would represent water, reds/oranges are fire, green/yellow are earth, silver is air, gold and violet are spirit. Different colors can also represent the different chakra energies and I love to make the rainbow chains. I can also create mobiles using fish shapes so feel free to request this or other specific shapes/designs. Please inquire before purchasing a custom designed mobile. These also make wonderful first year anniversary gifts because paper is for the first anniversary.

Crane Chains

Crane Chains are wonderful for feng shui! They are very powerful energy signatures and are all Shamballa activated and attuned. These beautiful works of art are available by custom order request. I have available colored foil paper (shown) or the very thick handmade patterned paper. Regular colored paper (non-foil) crane chains and patterned (non-foil) paper is available. I think the foil is the nicest and it reflects light beautifully, but it is the hardest to fold - each crane takes twice the time of regular paper, hence the added cost. Each chain takes about 15-20 hours of time, hence the cost.

For the foil crane chains you can have a rainbow pattern (going up or down) or a random distribution of colors or all gold or all silver. I recommend the Chakra Crane Chains which are from top to bottom - Silver, purple, blue, aqua, emerald, light green, gold, orange, red, pink. These are 30 cranes long. I can omit any of the colors if you like, also. You can also choose all gold or all silver or a random color distribution.

Crane chains are usually 25-30 cranes long and are about 27" long and about 6" diameter. I also make smaller ones that have one crane per color. It takes about 2 weeks to create one. Each one looks beautiful hanging in the corners of rooms. Shipping is $8- for Priority Mail.

See the images of the Origami Crane Chain options

Octahedral Crane Mobiles

These are $33 apiece. It's an open frame octahedron with cranes off each side point and a set of three in a chain hanging from the bottom center vertex. Priority shipping is $7- for this item. Please expect to wait about 2 weeks to receive this as each is handcrafted after purchase. (Note, I have 7 currently in stock of different colors. Pix coming soon. Inquire if interested.)

Individual Crane Ornaments

Individual cranes are $2.50 each and make great Christmas ornaments! Foil colors are red, pink(shown), orange, gold, light green, emerald green, light blue, royal blue, purple, and silver. Non-foil paper cranes are $1.00 each. The Boston Museum of Fine Arts sells the same things here for $10- apiece! Shipping for Individual crane ornaments is $5 for up to a dozen cranes. Please remember to click on the payment button for shipping also.

Feng Shui and Origami

Feng Shui is the ancient oriental philosophy of placement to allow energies to flow and harmonize. Items that represent the elements are placed in specific areas of you home to help the energy of Chi to flow more positively. Mobiles are often recommended for feng shui. One place I'd recommend to place a mobile is the money/prosperity corner of your home which is the furthest away left corner from the main entrance of your house. First of all, clean this area up. Make it neat so energy can flow freely. This is also the "Wind/Air" space, so it is perfect for crane chains and mobiles. If you don't know anything about feng shui, these are still beautiful works of art that will bring beauty and peace into your home wherever you hang it. They're also very lightweight which makes hanging easy. If you want to learn about feng shui, check out these links:

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