Channeling is receiving messages directly from Spirit, usually in an auditory, hearing it inside your head, sort of way, most often while in meditative state. Some channelers go into full trance state, called Trance Channeling, and let the spirit take over their vocal chords and bodies, but many stay conscious, called Conscious Channeling, and are able to remain aware and interpret the information for themselves or others. It is also possible to channel the Higher Spirit.

Different people channel different spirits, often the Ascended Masters, and some people receive many different ones. Some people develop a close relationship with a certain Spirit and consistently channel the same ones, such as Geoffrey Hoppe channeling Tobias and Lee Carroll channeling Kryon. I've been developing my channeling skills lately. I sincerely believe everyone has the ability to connect beyond the veil to listen to messages from Spirit. This page has the channelings I have received personally. If you would like to see some other very fascinating channeled information, please see Carolyn Holtgrewe's Channelings on Indigos which are in the Metagifted Topic - Indigo Children section.


Channelings by Angel (Wendy Chapman)

[NEW] Channeling of May 2, 2002 "Following your Path"

Channeling of March 24, 2001 "About Death, God, and Indigo Children"

Channeling of July 8, 2000

Channeling of Adamis on May 18, 2000

Here are two books I recommend that can help develop your own channeling skill:

Channeling: Evolutionary Exercises for Channels
by Vywamus, channelled by Barbara Burns
ISBN 0-929385-35-7, $9.95
1992, Light Technology Publishing, Sedona, AZ

Opening to Channel: How to Connect with your Guide
by Sanaya Roman and Duane Parker (also with channelled teachings by Orin and DaBen)
ISBN 0-915811-05-7, $12.95
1987, HJ Kramer Inc, Tiburon, CA

Here's the link to Carolyn Holtgrewe's channelings
Channelings on Indigos

More information about what channeling is and how to do it