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We have several mailing lists you can participate in to become a part of our Metagifted Community of Awareness! These lists are all hosted on yahoogroups. One list is called Metagifted and is a discussion list for any topics on this site. Another, called "Metagifted-News" is an announcement only list to help keep you informed about upcoming events and classes offered by Metagifted.Org. Two other lists that Wendy moderates are for Indigo Adults. One is the original indigo-adults list which has a Community/chatty sort of focus. The other is the Indigo-adults-moderated list, which is focused information about/for indigos. Additionally, there are links to the other main indigo lists on yahoogroups - indigo-children, indigo-parents, and indigo-news. There is also a Shamballa list; you need to be trained in Shamballa to participate, and you'll need to email to subscribe.


To join the Metagifted Yahoo group, send an email to You don't need anything in the body of text or subject. To join any yahoogroup send mail to Just substitute the name of the list for 'listname'. Or for the Metagifted list, just fill in the box below:

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Or use this one:

Click to subscribe to Metagifted

To join the Metagifted-News announcement only Yahoo group, send an email to You don't need anything in the body of text or subject.


We are all here to support each other! I want to provide resources to help us connect to one another to welcome the new energy and the new children.

The purpose of the Metagifted group is to raise awareness about giftedness of all types, from academic to spiritual. Meta means 'beyond' or 'a knowing about', so Metagifted is knowing about or beyond giftedness. Metagifted also means a person who is metaphysically gifted or spiritually intelligent. They may have psychic skills, intuition, precognitive dreams, or natural healing skills. Indigo Children are often both gifted and metagifted, so if you have an Indigo or are one, this is a group for you!

You can post questions to the group as well as your own suggestions for helping to develop metagifted and gifted skills. Group is open to ANYONE, but primarily of interest to children and adults who are Indigo, gifted, and/or metagifted, as well as the parents and teachers of same.

Please join us in the Metagifted Community of Awareness!


Any of the following are acceptable: Comments, questions, sharing of personal stories that relate to giftedness, Indigo issues, or metaphysics, poetry, stories, channelings, articles, information about topics, and sharing of other resources related to the topics on metagifted includes recommended links and books. This is a support network also, so if you are having questions or concerns you wonder if anyone else has, feel free to discuss.

When responding to long postings, please only copy the portions of prior email that are relevant to your response, not the entire post. If you wish to have a personal conversation with one person that probably won't benefit the whole group (such as one-liners back and forth), please take that discussion off list to private email as it does clutter up mailboxes and I've seen many people unsubscribe from otherwise hearty content lists due to this situation.


Spam, defined here as off-topic advertising is not allowed. Also, any abusive postings - ones which insult or deride someone else for their belief system, also inflammatory, derisive, or harmful postings are not allowed. Clearly we may not always agree, but it is ok to agree to disagree and leave it at that.

We don't moderate postings and will only delete users in extreme situations. If someone sends spam (defined here as OFF TOPIC advertising) to the list, they will be immediately unsubscribed. Listings of other websites and books that relate to metaphysics, giftedness, and Indigos ARE allowed.


If you want to Unsubscribe from the Metagifted Yahoo group at any point, send an email to or go to the website page

No text is required for the Subject field, but you may put "Unsubscribe" there if you wish.


You should not send unsubscription requests to the list address as this won't work and may not be noticed for several days by the list owners. We would greatly appreciate it if you would unsubscribe yourself rather than writing to the list or list-owner asking to be unsubscribed. It is also very helpful to write to or to inform us if there is something really bothering you about the list or postings so that we can address this.

If you are interested in the topics on this website, please consider joining and contributing to the Metagifted Community of Awareness via the Mailing List.


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