Metagifted Wish List

Here is the list of physical stuff we are seeking. Yes, in some of this we are dreaming big, but some is just wanting to survive.

  • Enough financial support to keep doing this work full time. Things are much tighter than they appear from the website, folks! Please make a donation to help us.
  • Regular sponsors of even small amounts so we can keep going.
  • 80+ gig hard drive
  • Videocamera VHS or 8 mm and tripod (to record classes)
  • Mac - G4 or better (Wendy does the content and html on a Mac)
  • Equipment to do computer notebook presentations on overhead projects and the appropriate computer software for this
  • Speaking engagements regarding indigo children, indigo adults, giftedness, Shamballa.
  • A color laser printer with ink
  • Tiny tape recorder or chip recorder (to record classes and channelings)
  • Portable microphone (for presentations)
  • Sponsorship to travel around the world or to your location to present Indigo Workshops there!
  • Any books you think I HAVE to read. Please get me a copy as a gift and I will try to find time to read it
  • Children's books with spiritual themes (to use with the Indigos) for the Metagifted Library
  • Awesome hand puppets! Would someone like to make me a set of chakra puppets (in the correct colors, bedecked with the matching stones??) (to use with kids, as a prototype, to play with) idea copyright 8/2001
  • Sponsorships to advertise in your local spiritual newspaper or parenting journal
  • Sponsorships to attend Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Melchizedek Method, and EMF Balancing classes
  • Crystals for crystal healing and energy altars. I would really like a big amethyst cathedral and any very large quartz. I'm also a big aphophyllite fan. I love ALL rocks - especially crystals, though!
  • Flowers - anytime! any kind! Especially fond of Hawaiian flowers, and lilies with blue irises. This is spiritual food for me.
  • Fruit - Peaches, Pears, Oranges, Pineapple, Apples, Clementines. I LOVE fruit.
  • Connections in Hawaii to come visit more inexpensively (someone I could stay with in exchange for services). Would love to have my own cabin or condo in Hawaii for R&R or permission to use yours (and the tix to get there, whilst I'm dreaming). Open to other places, too.
  • Offers to use TimeShare places that aren't being used
  • Trip/sponsorship to go swim with the dolphins. Want to go and like some company? This has been a lifelong dream for me.
  • A Spiritual retreat trip - I'm happy to lead one or accompany someone if they would be willing to sponsor me. Especially interested in Egypt, Hawaii, Australia, Ireland, Japan - but open to almost any location. Willing to teach Shamballa and other info to sponsor. Willing to accompany teen Indigos as guardian or join families as assistant caretaker
  • A Celtic harp - I really want to learn to play this!
  • A hot air balloon ride
  • A book deal for the indigo adults book. :)
I realize I have big dreams. If you can dream it, you can achieve it.. and I think you have to be able to imagine it first to make it happen.

Thank You! Thank You!! Thank You!!!