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We need your help. I just moved to a new location and may have to take other work unless I receive more support and income for the business. Please consider supporting us so we can continue to provide this site and our services. I want to help other people like yourself to find this information about indigos, crystal children, and giftedness.

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We welcome any donations to Metagifted to help support our work in providing information about giftedness, Indigo children, Shamballa, and all the other Metagifted topics listed in the menu.

If you like this site and would like to show your support so we may continue to provide this resource and information, please make a donation :) The primary physical thing we need is money, but there are some other needs we have. The primary mental/emotional/spiritual need or desire we have is letters of support to saying if something resonates with you. This is truly what makes it all worthwhile - to know it is helping someone, especially during this time when it is not yet making a profit. These are what keep me going and make me understand the true spiritual value of this work. Also content contributions of your biography, an article, advice for parents or other indigos are greatly appreciated!! Also, please see the Metagifted WISH LIST.

We need your support! Even one dollar would be appreciated. To donate online, go to Paypal by clicking on the icon below. That will take you directly to the section on Paypal to make a donation for Metagifted. Using Paypal, you can donate using a credit card or direct from your bank account once you are verified. If you are not yet a member, you can earn $5 free for signing up.

If this is too confusing, frustrating, irritating, or whatever else that might make this a less than appealing option, but you would still like to donate, we gratefully welcome checks, money orders, cash, gold, jewels, diamonds, crystals, and gold-pressed latinum bars. Please no live pets or children! :) To make a contribution via regular mail, please email to request the address.

Checks can be made out to Wendy Chapman OR to Metagifted Education Resource Organization!

Your donations will help to fund our internet fees and time spent researching this information, writing the content and creating the website, as well as time and effort to respond to email information requests from parents and Indigo children and free distant healings that we do as well. It may also help to fund future projects related to Metagifted and Indigos such as scholarships for Shamballa students and subsidizing counseling for families in need.

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