Shamballa Classes
 April 8, 2002 (0:52:27 PM)    (posted by Wendy)
Shamballa Healing Attunements Scheduled

March and April
March 12, 18 (FULL MOON)
April 4, 15-16 (FULL MOON)

Shamballa level 1 and 2 includes energy clearing, attunements, encoding in your light body of the first 3 symbols, activation of Merkaba, activation of halo and 3rd eye, activation of Mahatma. Training includes how to use the symbols, meaning and purpose of activations, merkaba training, and distance healing methods.

Shamballa for Children training and attunements also offered by appointment. Please click on the photo for more information about classes and email me if you would like to attend. I am also willing to travel to teach a class. Shamballa is only a few years old, so there aren't many qualified master teachers of this out there yet!

Shamballa is a type of energy healing similar to Reiki. In fact, the first level of Shamballa classes includes all the Reiki symbols. They are both about channeling of universal energy, called chi, into another person to help them balance themselves and heal. It uses specific symbols to help focus and direct the intent. Shamballa has been said to be a higher energy and works faster. You need to be attuned to the energies and symbols in order to access them properly.

Shamballa can help you heal physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, easing pain of almost any kind and accelerating spiritual advancement as well in both giver and receiver. Clients remain fully clothed and lie down or sit during the session. It is a non-invasive technique which uses only light touch and is often done without direct touching at all.

I'm also more than happy to provide direct or distant Shamballa healing. Please see Shamballa Healing for more specific information. Please write even if payment is not possible. I want to help people as much as I can with my skills and gifts.

By the way, usually Shamballa energy is sent to a person or something else living -- but in the picture here, I'm thinking maybe I can charge up these mobiles with Shamballa to be even better Feng Shui! [MORE]


Donations are Welcome!
 March 4, 2002 (7:35:56 AM)    (posted by Wendy)

We welcome any donations to Metagifted to help support our work in providing information about giftedness, Indigo children, Shamballa, and all the other Metagifted topics listed in the menu.

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New Type of Holistic Whole Body Tarot Readings!
 March 4, 2002 (7:35:19 AM)    (posted by Wendy)
I have a new style of tarot readings available. This is a layout and method that I channeled. Basically I use Shamballa to connect with your energy and pull the cards from your energy. The layout uses three decks - one to represent the Physical body, Emotional/Mental bodies, and Spiritual body. I do Past/Present/Future for each body. This reading is available via email for $25, via online chat for $40 and via phone for $50. See the Tarot and Oracles page for more info, other options for readings, and shopping cart buttons for this. Thanks!

Kundalini Activations!!!
 March 4, 2002 (7:35:00 AM)    (posted by Wendy)
I now offer Kundalini activations, Kundalini training, Kundalini counseling, and cleansing of blockages resulting from spontaneous Kundalini rising.

Kundalini Activation is VERY powerful. Please do not sign up for this if you do not know what it is. I offer an intro session which you can take whether or not you sign up for the activation. I prefer to do this intro online in chat, but phone (or live) is also an option. Kundalini energy is stored in the root chakra. It is the sexual force/energy of the body, essentially. When activated it can help you do many things such as manifest what you want. You do need clear energy first and if you have a spontaneous opening when your energy is blocked it can cause all kinds of problems. Do not try to open your Kundalini without first clearing yourself or being cleared with energy clearing and healing. I can help you clear the blockages you may get upon spontaneous Kundalini Rising. I also offer counseling to assist with any problems associated with K rising or release or blocks. Go to the services section - Kundalini Activations for more info. [MORE]


Indigo Interview #1 Tapes Available!!!
 March 4, 2002 (7:15:23 AM)    (posted by Wendy)
Order your copy of the recording of Indigo Interview #1, Wendy Chapman's Radio Interview about Indigo Children, broadcast on Radio Free Lenawee (Michigan) 4/11/2001. This 1 hr interview goes in depth on what an Indigo Child is, the characteristics, tips for parents on how to help them at home and educational suggestions, as well as what is an Indigo adult and how they are different from Indigo Children. Also covers Shamballa energy healing!

Cost of tapes -
$8 each (or give $10 to include a little donation to support Metagifted)
or 2 for $15 (get a spare or two to give a friend who has or is an indigo)
or 3 for $22
discounts also for higher quantities, please inquire

Please email Wendy at to order. Payments accepted via Paypal to or via checks or money orders (email for snail mail address). Thanks!