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Wendy Chapman - Director
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Hi, I am Wendy Chapman, the Director of Metagifted Org. I am an Indigo Adult. I also have strong violet energy, which is about the teaching part of it, and green energy for healing work, and bright blue energy, too. I am the main creator and writer of the content on the site. I also do all the services offered here.

I've been teaching and coordinating gifted and enrichment programs for the past fifteen years. In 1991 I earned my Masters degree in Educational Psychology, specializing in Gifted Education at the University of Connecticut, where I worked as a graduate assistant for Dr. Renzulli and Dr. Reis. Here is my resume.

Primariliy I work with Indigo children. I do workshops on Indigos for parents and teachers as well as consultations about indigos in person, online, or on the phone. I'm a certified Reiki & Shamballa Multidimensional Healing Master Teacher and Therapist. Please see the Announcements page and the Workshops page for more information about what I'm currently doing. I am so happy to be doing this work! I am.

Patrick Jordan - System Administrator
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Patrick Jordan is the System Administrator of Metagifted Org. He is responsible for maintaining the network and server on which the site is hosted, as well as coding all the CGI for the site.

Patrick has 15 years experience doing System Administration and has been helping to create and host quality websites since 1994. A gifted individual himself, his obsession with computers began more than 20 years ago, and has been headed uphill (or is that upside down?) ever since.

Patrick is also a Lightworker, and is certified as a Reiki & ShamballaMaster Teacher and Therapist as well. He is a musician and a visual artist as well. He can often be seen with a puppet on one or both hands. Patrick is also an Indigo, according to Wendy.

A Word from Mocha
smiling dog HI, I'm Mocha. I want to clear up some major misconceptions about Metagifted.Org. Many people think we are a big corporation. Nope! It is just Wendy, Patrick, and me (the smiling dog). They don't have a school, or a big building. They work from home, which suits me just fine! Mommy, I mean Wendy, really cares about her work helping indigos and crystals and in making the world a better place. She devotes all her time and attention to this work (the readings, healings, consultations, mailing lists, website, etc). She can't help everyone individually for free because there wouldn't be enough time in the world. If you want Wendy's advice, please sign up for a consultation. They don't do this for the money, but they would really like to make a living to be able to support themselves and me. Please help support us so she can continue to do this very important work.

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